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Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer

Loudspeaker / room optimizer

Product Description

The Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer is a pro audio dedicated processor providing 4 simultaneous processing channels. Ideal for TV, music, mastering studios and post-production mixing rooms, the ST2 Pro is the ultimate monitoring solution for any professional stereo applications. 



The ST2 Pro includes independents audio and processing sections within a 2U chassis

The high performance audio interfaces are designed by Trinnov and provide:

  • 4 balanced analog inputs/outputs via XLR
  • 2 AES/EBU (4 channels) inputs/outputs via XLR
  • Word Clock input/output
  • Optional GPIO extension board


The processor also allows network-based remote control and updates 



The ST2 Pro includes both the processor software and the Optimizer 4 bundle.

The set of features offered by this software suite makes it easy to optimize any of the following speaker configurations: 

  • 2 speakers set
  • 2 two-ways speakers set
  • 2.1 system
  • 2.2 system
  • 3.1 system
  • LCRS system
  • Quad system 





High Performance Audio 

  • Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24 bits/96 kHz – 192kHz ready
  • A/D Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 119 dB (A-Weighted)
  • THD+N ADC: -103 dB
  • D/A Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 118 dB (A-Weighted)
  • THD+N DAC: 98 dB
  • Clock/Jitter: Variations under 25ps are recovered, jitter attenuation superior to 50 dB is achieved above 100Hz
  • Power Supply: Independant for audio and processing sections
  • Safety Components: AntiPop relays on each analog output
  • Design and Assembly: All Audio boards designed and manufactured by Trinnov 



  • Analog I/O: 4 channels inputs via 4 x XLR (20k Ohms); 4 channels outputs via 4 x XLR (100 Ohms)
  • AES I/O: 4 channels inputs via 2 x XLR (110 ohms); 4 channels outputs via 2 x XLR (110 ohms)
  • GPIO: 8in/4out via 1 x optional DB25
  • Word Clock: 1 in / 1 out – BNC connectors 


Processing Section

  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 1,8 GHz
  • Data Width: 64 bits, floating point
  • RAM: 1 Go DDR3
  • Storage: Flash Drive 1 GB
  • Cooling System: Custom heat sinks + additionnal slow fans
  • Maximum Number of Processing Channels: 4 channels at 96 kHz 



  • Width: 444 mm
  • Height: 88.5 mm
  • Depth: 405 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Chassis: 2U

Product Specifications


Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (10)

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Well worth the learning curve! Initial set-up is actually very straightforward, but the work comes in tweaking the response curve to your taste. For me, the objectively 'flat' EQ curve the ST-2 recommended was way too bright for my taste. But once you know where that 'truth' is, you then have an objective benchmark to work from, and I used a ton of material that I know very well (but which I did NOT record or mix or master!) to tweak the EQ curve to where they all sounded as I imagined they 'should'. Then I got to work on my own material, and found it was much easier to spot my mixing and EQ'ing flaws. The difference between the ST 2 in and out is in no way subtle. I actually was amazed by how much impact the 'phase' correction made - if anything, this was more powerful in being able to hear better 'into' the music than even the EQ changes. The key now is not to keep 'A/B'ing' with the ST2 in and out - that just messes with your head - but to accept the ST2's view of reality as the 'new normal' and just get used to that! There's then no way back. Delighted I did this and wish I'd done it sooner.

By Dave A on September 22, 2021

I was totally skeptical of room correction, etc. before trying this.

Essentially, I was faced with a less than ideal room. Placing a multitude of bass traps in every possible problem area would create a room that I wouldn’t want to be in, let alone write or mix in…

This will turn a mediocre room into an excellent room; an excellent room to a world-class room.

It takes time to find the best settings - it’s simple to let the Trinnov do its magic.

It’s such a profound product that I’m now reviewing all of my plugins, since I can finally hear exactly what they are doing.

I took my first mixes to a noted mastering engineer’s studio, and he said that they were easily the best I had ever done!

Don’t hesitate if you don’t have a giant budget to build out a room, or have a less than ideal mix situation. Bravo.

By Jonathan M on June 11, 2021

Either you rock, or you suck. This thing tells you the TRUTH and it is very Unforgiving. After getting this you"ll say "How did I mix without this !". So if you are thinking about getting that high end compressor or pre amp, save your money and get this first. After all you can't mix or master what you can't hear. Best Investment I've ever made. Thank you Trinnov!

By Manimal on July 12, 2020

It’s a great product for mixers. If you are doing tons of tracking just consider latency and talk with Vintage King about options/settings.

By Khari m on May 4, 2020

After spending so much money on a very well acoustically designed studio, I realized that no room acoustics are perfect. I have never been a fan of electronic acoustic treatment software, until Joshua recommended me to try the Trinnov. Well, acoustic software is probably not the best solution, but Trinnov is another animal, for lack of better terms. Trinnov was able to made the sound more clear (and I don't mean adding high frequencies), the stereo image feels more natural, the phase relationship between my subs is no longer a problem and the sweet spot seems to be broader, among others. Before Trinnov and under the new studio acoustic I was able to obtain better results than before. After Tinnov, my workflow is now faster, my decisions are more accurate and my clients noticed a big difference in the sound of the studio that they want to spend more time in the studio. I never thought that a piece of equipment could do so much for the acoutics of the studio. Disclaimer: I don't think Trinnov can do its things in a poorly acoustically treated room. Your room must be treated propertly to get the best of Trinnov.

By Luis on December 18, 2019

The short version:

The Trinnov ST2 has taken my control room/speaker combination from excellent to what I would consider world class - the transformation of imaging, frequency response and overall sound is remarkable. Lows are lower and tighter, mids are more even and highs are balanced with no shrill areas.

The long Version:

The control room in my studio is professionally designed and very well treated acoustically. My monitors are Barefoot Micromain 27 Gen 2. However, even with this "spare no expense" approach, I still needed to take more time than I felt was necessary to get the low end balance right - I always got there, and I continued to improve and get better with every mix - just after a lot of checking the low end on different systems to make sure everything translated. My acoustician and my VK sales rep, Sam Routheaux, suggested I try out the Trinnov ST2 room correction system. I was skeptical at first and maybe a bit intimidated by the price, but I trust both of them so I agreed to demo the system in my studio. I can't believe the difference the system makes. The low end response of my control room setup now allows me to hear what is really going on in the mix. It's a much bigger improvement than I would have thought possible.

I've never had the opportunity to try the ST2 in an untreated space on lesser monitors, so I cannot speak to how much improvement would be possible in such a scenario. I do think, however, that you will get the best results from the Trinnov if you are starting with a room that is already treated, with high quality monitors that are appropriate for the space. In this case, the Trinnov will let you hear your mix the way you should. The frequency response of my room is now smooth and even - no lumps or nulls, no wierd phase problems, no room nodes. What I hear is what I get! It doesn't make anything sound "better", it gives you the truth.

A few thoughts:

1. Physically, the unit is 2 rack spaces, and about the size of a rack mount computer. It is, in fact, a rack mount computer chassis. I set mine on the base of one of my monitor stands.

2. You can't use the system with one of your existing microphones, no matter how great they are, The Trinnov microphone is an unusual 3D contraption that connects directly to the Trinnovc without needing an external preamp.

3. System setup is involved and a bit complex - however, if you take your time and study the manual, you'll be fine. I haven't needed to contact Trinnov for after-sales support, but I did contact them with a couple pre-sales questions and they responded in less than a day with detailed answers.

4. I'm using the the digital inputs and analog outputs, so in effect the ST2 also acts as my main monitor converters. With correction bypassed, the sound is at least as good as, and probably better than my Antelope Audio monitor converters.

5. My system is Windows based, so I'm using UltraVNC Viewer as the interface with no issues.

This is a great system that does everything they say it does, and is worth the money.

By zendrum on August 31, 2019

Great system- so much truth is provided! All I want from my mixing speakers is accuracy and translation- these deliver in spades. I would argue that many professionally designed control rooms will benefit from this system- it takes my very good CR and makes it excellent 👍

By Gravity8058 on May 19, 2019

The Trinnov has completely changed my listening experience in my professional studio for the better. Mix translation is 100% the name of the game, and the trinnov has made it easier to trust and produce professional level mixes that I know will translate to any environment.

By Momentum on February 6, 2019

We had a new room built that was unfortunately not designed very well. The room was not symetrical, smallish, there were so many challenges. I utilized Gik to provide a soultion for treatment, which helped tremendously but I still had issues especially in the low end building up and masking. Running out of space for more treatment, I looked for other solutions. A popular software based treatment was tried which also helped but I kept hearing issues, though it was way better with than without. I then turned to VK and talked to Josh my rep, who mentioned Trinnov. I remembered a ProtTools Expert review on this and that started to ball rolling. All I can say with all honesty it was night and day!! Support has been great with VK and Trinnov, as I have an Avid S6 interface with a Colin Broad TMC 1 S6 controller, I needed to have the Trinnov profiles change with each speaker set via GPIO, the Barefoot’s are now in my room sounding the way they should. Best money invested I have to say. Trinnov helped take the sound of my room out of the equation, so I could make confident creative decisions everyday. It’s a joy to get in to the studio and listen with a smile. Thank you.

By Phil G on December 4, 2018

Well, I want to do this review, because I want people to hear my experience. I bought a demo unit, and I had a Love hate relationship with the unit, Until I finally reached out to Trinnov and realized a lot of my Advanced settings were messed with. I had never heard the unit. For what it was calibrated to do. Now that it's rocking the way it should, I can honestly say I don't know if I could live without it. Please if you buy a demo unit, take the time to reach out to trinnov or vintage king to get it back to how it's suppose to be. Mine had this weird altercation to the stereo image, and I was just bummed. But trust me, it's amazing. Also making the image extremely flat isn't the best idea. It really makes it hard to mix, your so focused on all the crappy stuff, instead of just making music.. Got the setup working flawless now, absolutely LOVE IT!!! I run it AES in and out of a PURE 2... Couldn't be happier. Thanks vintage king, for carrying the Trinnov, and apologies for my indecisive mind on this, it was some advanced settings changed. So if you buy a demo make sure you have it set back, and trinnov, a master default would be nice!

By Didubz on November 23, 2017

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