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The Vintage King Tech Shop

Like No Other Place On Earth

Located just outside of Detroit, Michigan, the Vintage King Tech Shop is home to a unique team of sonic preservationists who work tirelessly to service and restore our incredible selection of vintage and used recording gear.

Every piece is unique, sometimes having lived decades in service before it ever reached our doorstep. Some have legendary stories attached to them, others are still waiting to take their place in history. Iconic or not, we treat them all with the same obsessive, gotta-get-it-right attention to detail that we're known for.

Rich Hunt repairs a vintage Neve console
Vintage King Audio tech bench
Audio modules and schematics
Rick Shultz services a vintage 1176 compressor
A vintage RCA 77 microphone gets repaired

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Vintage King Tech Shop Approved

Before a piece is shipped from our shop, it must first receive the “Vintage King Certified” stamp of approval. To earn this title, each piece of gear is put through our rigorous industry-leading servicing process. Our team works to test, analyze, service and retest your next purchase in a timely manner before it ever reaches your studio space.

Vintage Neumann U47 tube microphone

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