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Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal

The best of the best classic overdrive circuits, custom voiced for instantly gratifying control over a huge range of sought-after tones
Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal
Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal video
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The Strymon Sunet Dual Overdrive pedal offers a very wide range of Overdrive tones, whether you are playing classic rock, country, or heavy rock guitar solos, the Sunset Drive is flexible for all genres of music. Also a great pair for bass guitar.

On the “A” circuit, pick between three standard overdrive settings, GE, Texas, and Treble. The GE circuit combines the softer response of germanium diodes, but also a parallel path that blends in the dry signal as the Drive is lowered. At a higher range, the mid-frequencies are boosted, which can really fatten up a single coil pick-up, or make a humbucker scream. The Texas setting also has a mid-range bump, but employs a single stage soft-clipper configuration that is filtered before and after the gain stage to create a smooth and dynamic overdrive. The Treble setting starts to roll-off low end as the tone knob is turned up. This is essential for tightening up a guitar tone in a track, leaving tone of room for the low end of Drums and Bass.

The “B” channel can be run on its own, or parallel to the “A” channel, or vice-versa. It’s 2Stage option first runs through a soft-clipping circuit, followed by a hard-clipping circuit, offering a very wide-range of overdrive options. The EQ circuit preserves the low-end of the original signal, but adds a punch to the mid-range. The “Hard” circuit brings you into fuzz territory, dial in as much as desired with the Drive control, then sweep the tone control left to right for Smooth to Buzzy tones. The JFET circuit works as a boost, and has similar qualities as the classic Ibanez TubeScreamer.


  • Six drive circuit topologies with custom-tuned voicing for each drive type
  • Precision-crafted drive circuits stackable in multiple combinations for a wide variety of complex, responsive tones
  • Analog class A JFET input gain stage maximizes headroom while adding up to 20 dB of pure analog gain
  • Drive and Tone control ranges optimized for each circuit topology
  • Series, reverse series, and parallel drive circuit stacking via Config switch
  • Bright switch to tailor the sound for use with all amplifiers from dark to bright
  • Optional variable-threshold noise reduction for taming noisy guitar pickups

Additional Information

Condition New
Width 4 in
Height 1.75 in
Depth 4.5 in
Power Consumption 250 mA 9 V DC

A good selling point for this pedal is that the different settings work well with different guitars. I'm tracking a project here that requires lots of different guitar sounds. I can change from a Les Paul to a PRS to a Strat or Tele and use the same set up with that pedal. It's got a cool Texas blues sound, but will go the other direction too, plus the ability to push one side with the other is very cool. I have full blown pedal boards with great pedals but this setup is just simpler. Kind of a long winded response but I do love the pedal.

By Allen Kave on June 19, 2017

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