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Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb Workstation Plug-in

Multidimensional reverb workstation plug-in featuring everything from vast, immersive, nearly infinite decays to responsive plates perfectly tuned to organically accentuate vocal performances

MFR# 1393-1000

Product Description

Add Strymon BigSky to your track and instantly lift your sound into the stratosphere. From vast, immersive, nearly infinite decays to responsive plates perfectly tuned to organically accentuate vocal performances, BigSky offers the pinnacle of premium reverb sounds with unparalleled depth and spaciousness.


BigSky is an inspiring sound design tool with a character all its own. Unique handcrafted algorithms full of vibe and sonic interest combined with fast, intuitive controls allow you to create your own distinctive sound and give your project a compelling sonic signature.


A user interface should empower your creativity without getting in the way of it. Strymon have handpicked the most essential reverb controls and tailored their range and functionality so that sounds can be created effortlessly without extended tweaking. The layout naturally and intuitively adjusts to control the feature set of each reverb machine.


Feel the mechanical tension of the Spring reverbs. Hear the floating particles of the Cloud machine. Create deep, majestic harmonies with Shimmer. BigSky gives you twelve stellar, musically inspirational reverb machines.

  • BLOOM: In the ‘90s, more diffusion blocks were added to digital reverbs in order to smooth out the sound. A side effect of this was the tendency of the reverbs to have a slowly building envelope that “bloomed,” resulting in big ambient reverbs that sit nicely with the dry signal even at high Mix levels. The Bloom reverb features a bloom generating section that feeds into a traditional reverb tank, and adds a unique Feedback parameter that expands the possibilities exponentially.
  • SWELL: The Swell machine brings in the reverb gradually behind the dry signal for subtle evolving textures, like having a volume pedal on the wet signal. Alternatively, you can choose to have the dry signal swelled into the reverb for maximum ambience and atmosphere.
  • SPRING: The standalone spring tank became a staple of surf and spaghetti-western music that developed in the ’60s. The Spring machine allows for complete customization from warm and mellow to splashy and dripping with its Tone and Mix Controls, Dwell parameter, and selectable number of springs.
  • PLATE: The Plate machine is a rich, fast-building reverb that creates depth without early reflection cues to a specific environment. The Tone and Low End controls are simple but powerful frequency shaping tools. Combined with any heartfelt vocal performance, this reverb is a dream.
  • HALL: Diffused reflections and slower-building density are the hallmarks of this beautiful and versatile reverb. The Concert size is well-balanced, spacious and warm, while the Arena size is enveloping, huge and booming.
  • ROOM: A versatile room algorithm that creates environments ranging from well-tuned studio ambience to larger night club acoustics. The Tone knob, Diffusion and Low End parameters adjust the damping and scattering effects of room materials, furniture, and people.
  • REFLECTIONS: The Reflections machine is a psychoacoustically accurate small-space reverb that allows you to move your source anywhere in the room. The Reflections algorithm precisely calculates 250 reflections based on the source position within the chosen room shape. The psychoacoustic modifiers adjust for human auditory perception, creating an ambient space of unparalleled realism for dry instrument or vocal tracks.
  • NONLINEAR: A variety of physics-defying reverb shapes are available for special effects and unique textures. Choose from three “backwards” shapes (Swoosh, Reverse, and Ramp), plus gated reverb and more. Feedback control, Late Reverb, and Diffusion parameters allow for a vast array of time-warped possibilities.
  • MAGNETO: A new style of music emerged in the late ’50s, featuring the guitar as the lead voice, enhanced by the reverberated wash of a multi-head echo. The Magneto machine sets up a multi-head echo with all heads on, with adjustable head spacing and feedback amount. The Diffusion parameter adds a new dimension of ambience, smearing the response of the heads and blurring the line between delay and reverb.
  • SHIMMER: Two tunable voices add pitch-shifted tones to the reverberated signal, for resplendent, unearthly ambience. The voices are carefully created from the reverberated signal itself to generate maximum radiance and beauty. The Amount and Mode parameters allow for a range of shimmer effects from laid-back and subtle to full-blown majestic splendor.
  • CHORALE: A vocal choir accompanies your music. Choose vowel ranges and intensities to customize your choir as it sings in venues that vary with the Decay knob. As the Modulation is increased, the choir becomes alive with a multitude of voices.
  • CLOUD: A gorgeously big, ambient reverb that draws from techniques developed in the late ’70s. Using processing power not dreamed of in those days, the Cloud reverb machine obscures the distinction between reality and fantasy.


“Project BigSky” started as a journey of diligent research. Strymon meticulously examined physical reverb units, algorithm architectures, academic papers and programming techniques from the past five decades. Within BigSky, they utilized traditional reverb elements such as feedback-delay networks, allpass-delay-filter loops, Schroeder reverb sections and multi-tapped delay-lines, as well as all-new reverb elements that were developed along the way. The result was a groundbreaking product that became the most popular reverb in guitar pedal history.


Bringing BigSky into your DAW unlocks a range of new opportunities for creativity. The ability to easily use a separate instance of BigSky for each individual track allows limitless audio possibilities, and enables you to audition and sculpt those reverb sounds in the context of a complete musical recording. This not only gives you a high degree of control, but also can lead to discovering ear-catching sounds you might never have imagined. Another creative benefit of using BigSky in your DAW project is the ability to easily automate parameters. Draw in a slow filter sweep for the beautiful synth-like resonant filter included in the Bloom algorithm. Turn up the reverb decay time at the end of a phrase. Automate Shimmer shift intervals. BigSky in your DAW really becomes a playground for your imagination to explore.


Each reverb type in BigSky has its own unique personality and set of essential features to tweak. Now these controls appear before your eyes as BigSky’s interface naturally and intuitively displays the clearly labeled knobs and switches you need to control the distinct feature set of each reverb type. This allows you to understand all the relevant parameters at a glance, inviting experimentation and making it very easy to dial in your desired tone.


Infinite reverb sustain is available at a click of BigSky’s Hold button. A switch selects between Infinite and Freeze functionality for the Hold button. Infinite allows your reverbs to sustain indefinitely, with each new note you play adding to the reverb signal. Freeze also delivers infinite sustain, but allows you to play new unprocessed notes on top of the sustained signal without adding to the reverb.


  • AU/AAX/VST3 Host
  • Mac: Monterey or Big Sur
  • PC: Windows 10

Product Specifications

Condition New
Software Delivery Electronic Delivery
Plug-in Type Reverb / Delay
Plug-In Format AAX, AU, VST3
Operating System Mac, Windows

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