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Found in studios, venues, and basement practice spaces all over the world, Shure microphones are known for their legendary reliability, professional sound quality, and value. From rock vocals and snare drums to conference rooms and even the U.S. President’s podium, Shure mics deliver robust and consistent sound in all sorts of applications every day. Shure also offers a range of wireless microphone and monitor systems, in-ear monitors, and headphones, all of which live up to their reputation of great sound and uncompromising quality.

Starting at the dawn of the audio industry, Shure has been a leading force in the market for over a century. In that time, Shure has become a household name among musicians and audio engineers, and many of their iconic products are considered industry standards. But there’s so much more to the Shure story—keep reading to learn about their many technological innovations, high-quality standards, and diverse array of products.

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