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The White Room

Vintage King was started out of the Detroit-based studio in 1993 by Mike and Andrew Nehra.

On the Road

Mike and Andrew began to build the business while on tour with their band, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise.

The API Console

This classic API was used at The White Room and has also been owned by The Doobie Brothers and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

The VK Tech Shop

Located just outside of Detroit, Michigan, the Vintage King Tech Shop has restored thousands of pieces of gear to their original glory.

VK Showrooms

Since 2012, Vintage King has opened two brick and mortar locations in Los Angeles and Nashville that allow visitors to demo gear properly.

Blending Digital and Analog

Vintage King has helped build studios all over the world featuring the latest in digital and analog gear.

The Vintage King Family

Vintage King's staff is comprised of working producers, engineers and musicians who share a deep passion for audio.

A New Look

In 2017, Vintage King adopted a new look and logo that adapted elements from our original tube design.