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Channel Strips

Channel Strips

39 Items
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  1. Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel
    Best Seller
    Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel
    $ 3,495 .00
    or $73/month for 48 months
  2. Tree Audio Branch II Channel Strip
    Best Seller
    Tree Audio Branch II Channel Strip
    $ 2,695 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  3. Manley Voxbox Tube Channel Strip
    $ 4,599 .00
    or $96/month for 48 months
  4. Tree Audio 3 in the Tree Dual Channel Strip
    $ 4,365 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  5. UK Sound 1173 Microphone Preamp and Compressor
    $ 1,200 .00
    or $34/month for 36 months
  6. Universal Audio LA-610 Mk II Tube Channel Strip
    $ 1,799 .00
    or $38/month for 48 months
  7. Universal Audio 6176 Tube Channel Strip
    $ 2,699 .00
    or $57/month for 48 months
  8. Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Channel Strip
    $ 3,145 .00
    or $66/month for 48 months
  9. API The Channel Strip
    $ 2,845 .25
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  10. Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette
    $ 2,849 .00
    or $80/month for 36 months
  11. Neve 8801 Channel Strip
    $ 2,995 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  12. Avalon VT-737SP
    $ 2,965 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  13. Retro Instruments Powerstrip Vintage Channel Strip
    $ 3,495 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  14. Aurora Audio GTQC Channel Strip
    $ 2,895 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  15. Manley Core Reference Channel Strip
    $ 2,249 .00
    or $47/month for 48 months
  16. Tegeler Audio VTRC Vari Tube Recording Channel
    $ 1,850 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  17. Drawmer 1960 Two-Channel Tube Compressor Limiter
    $ 2,199 .00
    or $62/month for 36 months
  18. SPL Track One Channel Strip
    $ 1,299 .00
    or $37/month for 36 months
  19. DBX 676 Tube Channe Strip
    $ 999 .95
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  20. Black Lion Audio Eighteen Channel Strip
    $ 899 .00
    or $19/month for 48 months
  21. DBX 286s Channel Strip
    $ 219 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  22. Tascam Series 8p Dyna Microphone Preamp with Compressor
    $ 599 .99
    $ 499 .99
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  23. BAE R53CS 500 Series Channel Strip
    $ 2,736 .00
    or $76/month for 36 months
  24. Tube-Tech MEC1A Mono Recording Channel Strip
    $ 5,650 .00
    or $157/month for 36 months
  25. Drawmer MXPRO-60 Front End One Channel Strip
    $ 649 .00
    or $19/month for 36 months
  26. SPL Channel One Complete Channel Strip
    $ 1,699 .00
    or $48/month for 36 months
  27. Presonus Studio Channel Tube Channel Strip
    $ 329 .95
    or $10/month for 36 months
  28. Empirical Labs Mike-E Channel Strip
    $ 1,699 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  29. Millennia STT-1 Channel Strip
    $ 3,148 .99
    or $66/month for 48 months
  30. Grace Design m103 Channel Strip
    $ 2,065 .00
    or $58/month for 36 months
  31. Buzz Audio ARC1.1 Channel Strip
    $ 2,450 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  32. Empirical Labs Track Pack
    $ 4,199 .00
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  33. SPL Frontliner Channel Strip/Processing Unit
    $ 2,599 .00
    or $73/month for 36 months
  34. Summit Audio ECS-410 Everest Channel Strip
    $ 4,199 .99
    No interest if paid in full within 18 months
  35. SPL Channel One AD Channel Strip with Digital Output
    $ 1,849 .00
    or $52/month for 36 months
39 Items
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Channel Strips are everything you need in your recording studio's outboard rig to achieve any desired tone, all in one box. They combine the Preamp, EQ, and Compression all into one unit, similar to large format consoles such as an SSL G Series, Neve 88r, or API Vision.

When tracking a vocal, often times it is nice to have a little bit of compression to tame the loud peaks of the performance. With a model like the Universal Audio LA610, you can get the tube warmth of the preamp, then run through the compression circuit modeled after the world renowned LA-2A. If something is still missing from the sound, you then have the option to add EQ to open up the top end, or carve out the muddy low frequencies. Some models have the ability to switch the EQ pre or post dynamics.

The Avalon VT-737SP is an example of a much more involved channel strip. First running through the mic pre with fixed gain stage intervals, then into the hi-pass filter to get rid of those unwanted low frequencies. In the standard mode, will then run directly into the compressor, but with the option to make the EQ pre compression. Equipped with every compression parameter to dial in the perfect amount, and the option to switch to main VU meter to display gain reduction. Top it all off with a four band EQ with a wide variety of selectable frequencies, and an output dial to make sure the right amount of level is hitting your A/D D/A converters.

With so many options available, make sure to get with your Vintage King sales engineer to find the right fit for your studio.

I would like to thank VK for the wonderful sales assistance, service and prices. This was my first purchase with you and it won't be my last. I only wish I'd discovered you years ago!
Matthew R.
I had two Grammy wins this year - Ray LaMontagne & Carolina Chocolate Drops. Both made with help from Vintage King!
Ryan F.
In almost 20 years in Pro audio buying, never did I receive a unit so well packed and exactly as described. Works flawlessly. The whole process has been so smooth. I will never hesitate to do business with you guys in the future and will recommend you to everyone I know.
Martin C.
This was my first experience buying something from Vintage King (although I surf the "used" categories on the website frequently!), and, despite being on the other side of the world, I had absolutely no trouble and everything went very smoothly.
Phil T.
The speed of delivery exceeded my expectations! I was VERY pleased that my shipment arrived in time for a scheduled vocal tracking session. The packing insured that my order arrived safely. And the sales staff responded quickly to questions regarding the product.
James P.
Thank you so much! Vintage King has been so fair and easy to work with. I can't thank you enough. It feels good to trust such a hefty purchase to folks who are so helpful and knowledgeable. Vintage King is a sound designers dream store.
Noa L.
You guys have excellent customer service and I am excited about the next upgrade I complete on my fifth recording facility. I've been in the studio business for forty plus years. The salesman I worked with at Vintage King was the best of the best. You all rock!
Robby T.
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Jake D.
My experience with Vintage King was excellent. The order was here fast considering it was out of stock. The sales person had SKB send it to me directly and I couldn't have been more pleased.
Michael D.
From the minute I placed my order I was kept well-informed through each step in your process. Even though I was buying a comparatively modest piece of gear, your attention to detail made me feel like I was purchasing a six-figure mixing desk.
Thomas W.
I am a new customer of yours. You guys provided me the absolute best deals in ordering all the equipment to power my brand new recording studio. Your customer service is amazing and i will always deal with you from here on out.
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