Mastering Consoles are the desk you use in the final stage of a mixing project. Once the mix is finalized by the mix engineer and producer of the project, they send it over to a mastering house before the final release. The mastering engineer's job is to make sure all the songs sound like a cohesive record, as well as have the same overall volume and feel from track to track.

Mastering Consoles are usually quite a bit smaller than a recording console, like the Maselec MTC-1X, since the mastering engineer is typically dealing with one stereo track rather than an entire mix session. Often times, they won’t even have faders, they will just be a small desktop unit that is loaded with high-quality components. They are equipped with much finer EQs than a recording desk, to make sure they can hone in on the problem frequencies of the two track mix. And unlike a recording desk that typically has one insert point per channel, a mastering console will have multiple inserts for adding external dynamic processing, such as compression/limiting, multi-band compression, or EQ.

Mastering consoles typically offer the ability to patch in M/S or Mid-Side EQ, which allows the mastering engineer to EQ the middle of the mix, and the sides of the mix separately. This can allow them to tame frequencies that are a problem in the center channel, and also add some shine and width the sides of the mix. Also available on a mastering desk, is the option to make your entire mix wider with a width control, which can give it a larger than life feel, where the mix sounds like it's surrounding you. Contact your Vintage King sales representative to find the right mastering desk for your studio.