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While, most modern interfaces still offer connectivity with the old industry standard ADAT or Lightpipe connection, but you want to make sure you are using a quality cable for the optimal signal transfer.

An ADAT interface is commonly used to expand the I/O of your recording rig. Through the use of a lightpipe cable, you can connect eight plus channels of I/O to your modern recording interface using a single cable. Old gear doesn’t mean an old sound, if you have been using something for years and are still in love with the way it performs, you can easily integrate it into your modern recording rig.

Vintage King also provides cabling to connect more modern interfaces using the Thunderbolt 2 connection. If you are using a rack mountable interface such as the Apollo 8 or Apollo 8p and prefer to have it in your machine room, we offer cabling that extends up to 10 meters, allowing you to easily hide the cabling from one room to the other.

If you are using RME products with MADI connection, we offer high-quality cabling up to six meters for easy connectivity.

For any questions on the right Optical, ADAT, Thunderbolt, or MADI cabling, be sure to contact your sales rep at Vintage King to find the right fit for your recording facility.