AES/EBU cables are becoming the standard in digital connectivity, developed jointly by the Audio Engineering Society and the European Broadcast Union. They provide the highest quality signal transfer between your recording interface to your studio monitors, or other pieces of audio gear, while cutting down on the amount of cabling required running from the machine room to your control room.

Vintage King offers hand-built cables from our tech shop near Detroit, Michigan, as well as the highest quality cables from the industries top manufacturers such as Mogami and Audioquest. With solid 1.25% silver conductors, hard cell foam insulation, 100% shielded foil and tinned braided wiring, gold-plated connection, and a three-layer noise dissipation system, you can rest assure you are getting the highest quality cabling available in today’s market.

We can also provide custom snakes for connection between any device in your studio. With today’s most standard connection from an audio interface being DB25, we can custom build a DB25 cable to AES/EBU at any length to custom fit the needs of your recording facility.

For any questions on finding the right AES/EBU cabling for your studio, be sure to contact your sales rep at Vintage King.