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500 Series Racks

500 Series Racks

If you are looking to get into the world of 500 series modules, make sure you grab the right chassis for your setup. Available in various numbers of slots, up to 11 spaces, tabletop models, or a standard 19” rack-mountable unit.

A 500 series chassis is not just an enclosure to house your modules. The chassis provides power to all of your modules, and I/O to connect to your tape machine or DAW. All chassis are rated for different power supply, for a more advanced setup, look into a chassis with double-shielding, which are carefully constructed to avoid magnetic induction or power spikes that could possibly harm your modules. Make sure you get with your Vintage King sales associate to find the right one to protect your modules.

Some models also include complex signal routing, which can allow you to stereo link two modules, do internal patching within the chassis, and full audio summing.

Connectivity to your tape machine or DAW is key when purchasing a 500 series chassis. Most models have your standard balanced XLR inputs and outputs, others have a DB25 connection to easily patch all channels to your recording setup.