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500 Series Channel Strips

500 Series Channel Strips

The channel strip of a recording console is perfectly designed to have everything an engineer would need for tracking or mixing a song, laid out across every channel of the console. A channel strip includes everything from a high quality preamp, EQ, compression, gating, and more. Now you can get that big console sound, in just a couple spaces of a 500 series rack.

Get the classic Neve sound by adding a 1073lb, which is world renowned for it’s attack and punch, but also it’s really airy, polished high end. Also includes the original Line circuit, that can add beautiful harmonic distortion to a vocal, bass, guitar, or piano. Adding the classic Neve 1073LBEQ, which has the same frequency points as the original, can open up the options for sculpting your sound, adding warmth and definition to the low end, or air and shine to the top with the classic Neve 12 kHz hi-shelf.

Complete the channel strip with the addition of the Neve 2264ALB, equipped with a digital VU meter for accurate compression. A great compressor for subtle taming of a vocal, or can be slammed to add life into a piano track. Also works great as a brick wall limiter if you have some extreme peaks you need to control.

Check out our other options available such as the Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517, Empirical Labs Docderr, or JHS Pop and Peel. Get with your Vintage King sales associate to find the right 500 series channel strip for your recording studio.