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Neve 2264ALB 500 Series Compressor Limiter

Faithful recreation of the classic 2264A compressor/limiter in a compact 500 Series module
MFR# 2264ALB

Product Description

The Neve 2264ALB is a faithful recreation of the classic 2264A compressor/limiter in a compact 500-series module. With fully discrete Class A/B circuitry, three custom hand-wound transformers, and versatile new features like a slow attack setting, the 2264ALB is even better than the original.


The 2264A compressor/limiter has a long, rich history. Designed as an improved version of the 2254/R with an advanced circuit design and more precise response curves, the 2264A was an instant hit. Originally released in 1974, the 2264A compressor/limiter quickly earned a reputation for its warm, punchy sound. Equipped with a unique diode bridge compression circuit, the 2264A was also used as the design inspiration for the legendary 33609 stereo limiter/compressor. Still, decades later, 2264A units are highly sought after. Thankfully, you can capture the same incredible tone with the new Neve 2265ALB compressor/limiter.


Featuring three dual-concentric controls with push button switches, the 2264ALB packs a ton of versatility into a compact Lunchbox-sized package. Clearly monitor your gain reduction using the improved LED meter with 2 dB increments for precise mixing.

Quickly shape and mold sounds using the intuitive interface. The top dial controls the limiter settings, including recovery time and threshold. Set release times as fast as 50 ms for aggressive peak limiting, or slow things down with times up to 800 ms for subtle stereo bus limiting. Glue your mix together with two dedicated auto release settings. Push-dial controls let you quickly bypass the limiter.

The bottom dial controls the compressor setting, in the same manner as the limiter. Dial in fast, punchy compression or give your tracks a slow, gentle squeeze with selectable record times from 100 ms - 1500 ms. Push and pump your transients in time with the tempo using two auto recovery settings. Toggle the compressor on and off using the push-dial controls.

The 2264ALB is capable of soft, subtle compression or hard-hitting transient reduction with a selectable ratio from 1.5:1 to 6:1. Set your make-up gain with the inner dial to properly A/B tracks before and after compression.


The original 2264A compressor/limiter had a fixed attack time of 3 ms, making it an excellent option for tracking or clamping down on dynamic drum performances. However, it wasn’t very useful when it came to subtle bus compression. With the new 2264ALB, AMS Neve has added a slow attack switch which changes the attack time to 12 ms.


  • Classic mono Limiter/Compressor, available in a 500-series format
  • Transformer-coupled circuits used in Input, Bridge-driver, Side-chain and Output stages
  • Independent Limiter and Compressor IN/OUT selectors
  • BYPASS switch connects input terminals directly to output terminals
  • Slow Attack switch changes between classic 2264A attack settings and new Slow Attack setting for buss compression work
  • Digital LED meter with approximate PPM ballistics indicates 0 dB to 20 dB of gain reduction
  • Audio Processing Insert design allows the audio to/from the 2264ALB module to be inserted into the audio path of an existing 1073LB (modules must be fitted in the same rack chassis)

Product Specifications

Condition New
Tube or Solid State Solid State
Channels Single-Channel
Chassis Module
Module Type 500 Series
Module Slot Count 1 Slot
Digital I/O No

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (3)

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Wow! just wow, my new "go-to" tracking comp/lim.

By Julien R on February 14, 2020

I find my latest 500 comp purchase on 2264 to my favorite comp in my rack. Adds Neve richness but still Fast and punchy. Killer on my drums, drum buss, bass and guitars. Really helps me place vocals and guitars on a recent mix right on top of the mix.

By 426 on May 11, 2017

May be a bit pricey compared to some other 500 comps but blows most other 500 comp lims I've compared it to away. Compressor tightens things up nicely. Fast release is great on drum rooms. Limiter grabs but with little artifact like with most limiters. I'm grabbing a second one soon

By Jonesy89 on May 11, 2017

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