Mercury M72s - CSV

MFR# M72s - CSV
Mercury M72s - CSV
Dual mono, tube, studio microphone amplifiers (custom shop version)
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The Mercury M72s-CSV is based onthe most sought after vintage amplifier module, the Telefunken/SiemensV72s, which is most famous for being used in REDD.37 consoles, whichwere used on all the early Beatle recordings by George Martin at AbbeyRoad Studios in London, England.

Inspired by the vintage tone, craftsmanship and practicality of theoriginal, modular, tube amplifier from the console. We wanted to payhomage to this classic, ‘holy grail of tube amplifiers’ in every detail.From the color of paint, to the style of venting used, to the nickelplatted handles that were used to remove it from the slotted DIN rack onthe console side. Bringing back the sound, look and feel that inspirednot only this product but this company, Mercury, to manufacturerecording equipment and keep this and other beloved circuits alive tomake more music for another generation.

The Mercury M72s-CSV is based on the module used in consoles which arevery rare due to a minimal amount made. The more common V72 amplifiermodules (not marked with the lower case "s", ie V72s) were latermodified and have been sold for many years as outboard preamplifiers allover the world. Neither of these amplifier modules have been availablenew for more than 50 years. So, working units have become extremelyrare, very expensive and in some cases are now in need of much repair.

Regardless of cost, the uniquely musical tonal characteristics of theseamplifiers has made them the prized possession of many engineers luckyenough to get the vintage modules, and a "secret weapon" for many studiomusicians. Mercury Recording Equipment is proud to have a faithfulreproduction in the M72s-CSV. We have nearly 20 years experience withthe amplifiers and feel we have captured not only of how the unitsbehave, but of how they sound overall. We are confident, with theaddition of modern features, making the M72s much more versatile,without sacrificing the most important feature: Musicality.

Mercury M72s-CSV Features
The Gain of the Mercury M72s is variable from 28dB to 58dB, in 3dBincrements, controlled with a high quality rotary switch. Also, there isan option of a selectable Input Pad of -16dB or -28dB for even morecontrol. Additionally, when the -28dB pad is engaged and it is set atthe lowest gain setting (28dB) you can run signal through the M72s toadd warmth and tonality to any tracks, mixes, keyboards, drum machines,samples etc... There are also all the modern features we expect on a newpiece of equipment: Phantom Power (on/off) , Phase (Polarity) Reversal,and our amazing sounding F.D.I. (FET Direct Input) circuit per channel.

The Mercury FDI (FET Direct Input), a proprietary J-Fet circuit, basedon a class-A tube topology. The Mercury FDI is designed to reproduceevery nuance of a direct recording, while the circuit lets the tube orsolid-state character of the amplifier determine the overall tone. Theinstrument DI signal is sent through the entire microphone preampcircuitry, including Mercury’s custom, massive input transformers, sothat the individual character of each preamp comes through.

The Mercury M72s has the rich lows and punchy mids giving you that‘instant’ vocal tone, a realistic acoustic guitar tone, or add punch to abass guitar. The same reaction to instruments or source as the vintagemodule but with slightly more open high end and openness. The MercuryM72s Studio Microphone Amplifier has the ‘vintage’ tone and break uplike the original circuit but it is a bit more musical over all (notcleaner, more musical, there is a huge difference).

"The M72 brings the vocal up in your face in a mix. Not only that, whenyou're singing, you can distinguish every little nuance." - Ricky Skaggs

“Having used the Mercury M72s I now see no need to scour Eastern Europe to search for the last of the original units.” - Joe Chiccarelli

"The M72s sounds every bit as good as an original V72s, imparting that nice pillowy softness that is so difficult to get..." - Pete Weiss, TapeOp Magazine

"After building 100's of Vintage V72 packages at Marquette Audio Labs itis nice to know we can continue a tradition that we have been providingfor over 10 years now. We are very proud of the Mercury M72s StudioMicrophone Amplifiers at M.A.L. and I am personally very pleased withthis product which has actually exceeded my expectations". - David Marquette (Marquette Audio Labs / Mercury )

  • Mic Input Impedance: Approx. 2k
  • Suggested Source Impedance: Approx. 200 ohms
  • Input Impedance with -28dB Pad: Approx. 4k
  • DI Input Impedance: 2M ohms
  • Internal Output impedance: 30-50 ohms (depends on gain setting)
  • Suggested Minimum Load: 500 ohms
  • Max. Mic Signal Input Level (@ 20 Hz): +34dBu with -28dB Pad engaged / +6dBu with
  • Pad not engaged
  • Max. Output Level: +22dBu
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Harmonic Distortion: All musically related low orders of harmonics, with no
  • significant order above 5th.
  • Tubes: 3x EF806s, 1x E83F, per channel
  • Rack Size: 2U
About Mercury Custom Shop
Mercury Recording Equipment Co. was started with inspiration of warmtones, quality craftsmanship and the classic aesthetics from the vintagerecording equipment used and appreciated for the past 60 years torecord music. Mercury tenaciously created our line as close to originalsound, build quality and aesthetic as we could with a new build. Weadded some features more for aesthetic purposes then functionality whichhave been very appreciated by vintage gear aficionados. But, thoseaesthetic ‘extras’ add additional costs to each product.

So to help keep costs down, and make our world class products moreaffordable we will offer two versions of some products. Neither willcompromise the standard of quality Mercury is known for, or the sound.Because the circuit and parts internally are both exactly the same inevery way. Mercury and our dealer network will offer the new M72s (Mk.III) as our standard model and the M72s-CSV (Custom Shop Version) withaesthetic extras to look and feel like the vintage models. As well as,the new M76m (Mk. III) minus the backlit gain dial and nickel plated“handles” too pay homage to the vintage modules of yesteryear. But, ifyou are looking for the vintage vibe, all those features are stillproudly offered on the M76m-CSV (Custom Shop Version).

“This is my way of compromising without compromising... offering bothversions of some products. Trying to keep alive the original vision Ihad for Mercury providing premium quality recording products, with thevintage look, tone and musicality only found in the past, and doing thisas affordable as we can...” - David Marquette

FAQ: Mercury M72s vs. M76m, Whats the difference?
Both are multipurpose tools for making music. But they do sound very different.

The Mercury M72s is warm and punchy. The M72s has a thick bottom end, agreat push in the mid range and a open airy top end. The M72sperformance is great on Vocals, Bass, Drums, Acoustic and ElectricGuitars as well as room and Over head applications. The M76m is warm,yet open and airy. Compared to the M72s the M76m is overall more evenly"EQ'd". Meaning there is not a push in the low or mids. The M76m shineson Vocals, Bass, Piano and Guitars giving you an amazing of control toshape the amplifier's tone. As well the M76m opens up your room and overhead mics. With 70dB (+/-) of total gain and the choice High and LowInput Impedance, so ribbon mics love the the M76m.

The M72s has 28dB to 58dB with -16 and -28dB Input Pad and the M76m hasnearly 70dB, with the 60dB input gain, and Level Control and the Lowimpedance selected (+6dB).
Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Condition New
Channels Dual-Channel
Chassis 19-in Rackmount
Rack Spaces 2u
Direct Input Yes
Digital I/O No

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