Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz

MFR# Duh
Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz
Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz
Ultra-dynamic fuzz with one knob - and a zillion tones
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One knob. Many tones.

Duh isn't as stupid as it looks.

You know those fuzzes that sound bitchin' in your bedroom, but vanish in the mix in the studio or onstage? The Joe Gore Pedals Duh Remedial Fuzz isn't one of them.

Duh is an aggressive one-knob fuzz that doesn't merely bludgeon your amp with gain, but adds a distinctive, harmonically rich character. There's high-end sizzle and low-end mass, but both are carefully sculpted - think "fat but fit." Unlike most ultra-high-gain fuzzes, it boasts extraordinary dynamic sensitivity, providing high-contrast tones in response to guitar-knob adjustments. Result: far more colors than you’d expect from a one-knob box.

This fuzz is voiced for great results with anything from a sizzling Strat bridge pickup to a fat-ass neck humbucker. Its tones are less scooped than on most retro fuzzes, though the low-mids are manicured to emphasize airy, sparkling highs. Single-note lines and solos sing with rich sustain. Chords sound massive, yet they retain definition, even with complex voicings that would dissolve into mush with most fuzzes.

Duh is a distant descendant of the two-transistor “Brand X” fuzz pedals of the '60s, though it doesn't sound like any of them. Its gain is actually lower than on most fuzzes, which paradoxically makes it sound bigger in the mix by preserving playing dynamics and crisp note attack.

Skeptical about whether a one-knob box can suit many different guitars and amps? You may be in for a surprise.

Duh was created in San Francisco and is built in Michigan by skilled craftspeople earning a fair wage.

How to use: Turn the knob to make it louder. Duh.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Remarkable ... responsive dynamics and simultaneously fierce and expressive tones. This is a pedal that doesn't give up even one less-than-spectacular sound. It reminds me of '60s records where the fuzz sound jumped right out of the grooves and changed my world."
- Guitar Player magazine (Editors Pick Award)

"The best, most musical, most dynamic fuzz ever."
- David Baerwald, producer/guitarist (Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, David & David)

"I love it. Charles [aka Frank Black] loves it!"
- Joey Santiago (Pixies)

"I just finished a fairly in-depth test of the Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz, and wow! This is an amazing fuzz/distortion/overdrive box! It's deceivingly simple, but with infinite variations. Depending on the amp used, you'll get tons of great fuzz, overdrive, and distortion tones. At first I thought it would work best in live settings, since it seems to be EQed with more highs and mids than a standard Big Muff-type pedal. But I now realize it's great in the studio too. I found many great tone variations just by using the guitar volume to increase or decrease the input gain level. I am super impressed."
- Corky James, session guitarist (Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Glen Campbell, Meat Loaf, LeAnn Rimes, Liz Phair, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Lachey)

"As you might expect with a former Guitar Player editor, current Premier Guitar editor, and guitarist with Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, and Tracy Chapman, Gore has an educated ear when it comes to tone. Duh's gain is on the lower end of the fuzz range, but it still offers plenty of sustain and gorgeous harmonic overtones. Even at full guitar volume Duh is more articulate than its name might suggest. Manipulation of the instrument’s volume and tone controls, and/or switching the pickup selector brought out a surprising variety of sounds. It is always a good sign when you don't want to stop playing when exploring a new piece of gear, and I found the Duh hard to shut off - the term 'inspiring' kept coming to mind."
- Michael Ross, Guitar Moderne magazine

"It gets one extra-meaty sound, with a large volume control so you can work it with your foot. It's got a lot of low-end thump and articulation, which matches very well with bridge and single-coil pickups."
- Avi Bortnik (John Scofield Band, solo artist)

"A deceivingly simple overdrive/heavy fuzz box with tons of variation. You turn the knob to make it louder (yes,"duh") but the art is in the nuance. Slight adjustments will delight you as you move through the dynamic range. Fat, chunky lows, an airy midsection, and sparkling highs make this retro fuzz really special. Plus, it just looks cool. Check it out."
- Truth in Shredding (

Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Condition New
Input Connectors 1/4 in. TS
Output Connectors 1/4 in. TS

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Less is truly more
I'm not sure what kind of transistors the Duh uses but I actually don't care. Finding out goes against the whole ethos of the pedal. Single knob, vintage sounding fuzz that is highly interactive with the controls on my Strat. Cleans up really nice. Just a bonehead simple, killer sounding drive.
Review by Dale Z / (Posted on 6/27/2017)
Less is truly more
I'm not sure what kind of transistors the Duh uses but I actually don't care. Finding out goes against the whole ethos of the pedal. Single knob, vintage sounding fuzz that is highly interactive with the controls on my Strat. Cleans up really nice. Just a bonehead simple, killer sounding drive.
Review by PedalManiac / (Posted on 6/23/2017)
Very well made, versatile fuzz
This is a very touch-responsive, versatile fuzz. I've used it in recording takes with a Bass VI, Jazzmaster, an old Silvertone with gold foil pickups, and a Les Paul. The fuzz works on everything. And it's useful for chords or single note passages. It NEVER sounds muddy, which is my big issue with most fuzz devices.

Highly recommended!
Review by Jonathan / (Posted on 1/28/2016)
Yep...It's All That
I finally took the plunge on this pedal and it was clearly worth it. Running it into one of my Swart AST combos is just fat. The big tone definitely lives up to the big dial. Also, this pedal is really quiet for what it does. While there is the slight obligatory level of noise that can be heard when the pedal is just idling with the gain knob turned up, it's certainly not the kind of hash that forces your hand into using a noise gate or noise reduction pedal (if it did then I'd be returning it because I hate excess noise in my rig). And speaking of noise, this pedal does not pick up the evil Pop40 FM radio station that is less than a mile from my place. Hallelujah. There's nothing worse than having a piece of kit that picks up JLo or Lady Gaga while you're trying to record tracks. Stupid radio station. I've had many amps and pedals fail that particular litmus test through the years and most of them get eBay'd or returned for refund. The Duh Fuzz picks up no radio signal whatsoever...Dang. I even fed it into an Xotic EP Booster and cranked both pedals to 100% while my P90 equipped Melody Maker was wide open and I wasn't touching the strings. No radio whatsoever. Thank you Joe Gore.

Tone-wise this thing makes me think of what you'd hope to hear in a vintage fuzz pedal from the late-60'/early-70's. It's big, bold and beautiful. It also seems to have just a slight vocally EQ curve to it that's reminiscent of a cocked wah but much more subtle and non-intrusive. And it is definitely a player's pedal in that it reacts to picking dynamics in a very comfortable and organic way (assuming you can play well...if you suck at guitar then you may not fully appreciate what this pedal does for your playing). But what impresses me the most about this pedal is how it does not mush out and yet it sounds so fat. That's quite an accomplishment especially when trying to achieve these kinds of fuzz tones. That fact that Joe Gore pulled back on the amount of gain on tap is definitely the key here. But you'd swear there's more gain happening than there actually is. Single-notes have an awesome and pure singing quality to them, double-stops (3rds/4ths/whatever) are well defined yet smooth and not plagued with the typical oscillations/hash that you get with most pedals these days. And power chords or lower freq stuff is just BIG. Chunkier chords almost make me think of some of the very early-era Orange 1/2 stacks that I've played...not the most gain in the world but you just don't miss it for the tone you are getting. I'm guessing this pedal will sound great with a bass as well?

This is a keeper for sure and now it's just a matter of deciding which pedal on my board is getting demoted to make room for the Duh Remedial Fuzz. Thank you Joe Gore.
Review by W Todd Reynolds / (Posted on 3/26/2015)

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