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Fryette PS-2 Power Station V2 Integrated Reactance Amp

Integrated reactance amplifier

Product Description

Now more versatile and easy to use than ever, the new Fryette PS2 Power Stationsports a front panel Input Level sensitivity switch, a rear panel Low Pass Filter Bypass switch, and a Balanced XLR Line Output.


The Integrated Reactance Amplifier is an easy to use, tunable reactive load coupled to a vacuum tube power amplifier that fine tunes your amplifier response which then drives your speaker cabinet.

If you have ever used a resistive or inductive attenuator, you have already experienced the loss of tone and dynamics of your amplifier at various volume settings. You are already frustrated with the typical 3 dB step switch that always seems one step too loud or one step too quiet. If you've used a solid state powered attenuator, you've already experienced the flat speaker cab response and finicky effects loop function that never seems to be the perfect level.

The Power Station solve all of those problems in one convenient, lightweight product that sits neatly on top of any head or combo amplifier.


An attenuator for controlling the volume of high powered amplifiers with none of the drawbacks of a conventional attenuator.

  • Perfectly preserves the tone of the attenuated amplifier at any volume setting down to whisper level
  • Preserves the dynamic feel and speaker response at any volume
  • Allows you to extend the voicing of any amplifier - a vintage amp can sound more modern, a modern amp more vintage, a dull sounding amp more alive, and a "spongy" amp can sound tighter, etc
  • Provides a post distortion effects loop for any amp whether or not it already has one
  • Provides an unbalanced line out for any amp whether or not it already has one
  • Completely safe for any amplifier
  • Choose 4, 8 and 16 ohms separately for both the amplifier and cabinet matching
  • No more nerve-wracking impedance mis-matching that could damage your amplifier
  • Compact and easy to carry, sit on top of an amp head, combo or desktop
  • Silent direct recording via unbalanced out

A power booster for low powered amps.

  • Can attenuate or boost the output of a lunchbox amp
  • Any small amp, Tiny Terror, Tweed Champ, AC15, Princeton, etc., can cut a live gig with a full band with all original tone intact
  • Allows you to extend the voicing of the amplifier - crank a mini amp to the threshold of destruction, then add top, bottom and volume to taste
  • Silent direct recording via unbalanced out

A high quality adjustable reactive load for silent recording.


  • A post distortion effects loop for any amp that doesn't have one
  • A mono power amplifier for guitar preamps, floor preamps and modeling preamps
  • An effects power amp for Wet/Dry amp rig
  • An onstage monitor power amp for live modeling direct to FOH system
  • A desktop power amp for adding tube power sound to direct recording for any instrument or signal source
  • Power Station provides every guitar player a variety of performing and recording solutions for every kind of playing or performing application or environment


  • Bypass Switch - footswitchable
  • Hi EQ Switch - Flat, Brite, Edge
  • Lo EQ Switch - Flat, Warm, Deep
  • Volume
  • Presence
  • Depth
  • Standby Switch (Bypass)
  • Power Switch


  • Amplifier Input
  • Amp Impedance Select - 4/8/16 Ohms
  • UnBalanced Line Out
  • FX Send
  • FX Return
  • Unbalanced Line In
  • Speaker Impedance Select 4/8/16 Ohms
  • Speaker Out 1
  • Speaker Out 2
  • Ground Lift
  • Mains Fuse
  • AC Input

Product Specifications

Condition New
Width 14 in
Depth 9 in
Height 2.7 in
Unit Weight 15 lb
Input Connectors 1/4-inch TRS
Output Connectors 1/4-inch TRS, Analog XLR
Amp Wattage 200 W @4 Ohms; 150 W @8 Ohms; 200 W @16 Ohms
Impedance 4; 8; 16 Ohms (selectable)

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (5)

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Great piece of gear. Lot’s of power, lot’s of clean (but tube-clean) headroom for use with modelers.

By Michael G on July 9, 2021

Absolutely love my Power Station!!

By Mike V on July 9, 2021

Stevie Fryette got this unit right. Load is great with the switches and the amp rocks.

By Marcos A on April 30, 2021

A fair price and was shipped securely and fast!

By Shaun G on November 24, 2019

I have not even used all the features yet, such as the balanced XLR out or the effects loop. But I will say, this device is a total game changer for me. I can now use any amp that I want, regardless of the power output, and I can get the complete tube saturation for that quality tone without my ears bleeding. I mostly record guitars, and not play out live, but if I did play live this would be a great box for that, too. Of course, it is a great box to record when the room isn't quite the size of a Pro Studio. So far I have used it with FTR 37 from Divided by 13. I look forward to using it with my Fender Vibrolux Reverb, and whatever other amps that enter my studio.

I do see a couple downsides to this box, which are very minor at that.

1. The guitar amp does lose a tiny bit of highs. However, this can easily be remedied by the presence knob and bright switch, not to mention the highs on the actual amplifier head. And as we all know, just a slight change of a microphone and/or position would also easily remedy that. Additionally, since you are not turning the cab up at the same volume, you will lose the natural driver break up. But again, I think it's a relatively small price to pay if the sound could be that close and your ears be happy.

2. The the size of this box could be a little awkward, if the surface you are setting it on is shallow. For example, the /13 has shallow head can therefore the feet on this box barely rest on the head, which does not present itself well for a stable set up. And it's one of those things where, you don't usually want a table next to your guitar amp when your recording oh, so then I resort to setting it on the ground. Again, maybe on some amps it would not be such a problem. However, knowing the size of my Fender, it will definitely be an issue on that amp as well. The feet are 6-7/16 inside edge to inside edge, and 7-9/16 center to center.

That being said, it's a really great product and I would certainly recommend it.

By zach c on September 8, 2019

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