Looking to Sell Your Recording Console?

Do you have a recording console you'd like to sell? We're here to help. Vintage King's brokering services give you and your listing an edge over other dealers and brokers. Our straightforward options help you avoid the headaches of selling by yourself on eBay or through private listings. Plus, because we know consoles, have a built-in customer base, and are familiar with the most economical shipping practices, we can get you the best value, and quickly.

4 reasons you should let us help you sell your old console

1. Selling privately is hard
Our straightforward service helps you avoid the headaches of selling on eBay or through private listings.

2. Get more eyes on your listing
Put the Vintage King marketing machine to work for you. Because we receive thousands of daily web visitors, a listing with Vintage King will rapidly reach qualified buyers all across the world.

3. Excellent return on your investment
On average, we help our broker clients receive 10-15% more than what they would be able to fetch selling it themselves. Our reputation helps us get more per listing.

4. We'll handle everything
From scheduling the tech report to assess the condition of the console, to freight and shipping arrangements after your console sells, we'll handle it all for you.

Recent Brokered Listings

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Our Mission: Total Satisfaction

Whatever your needs, goals or concerns may be, you can feel confident that Vintage King has the experience and the know-how to make sure you are well taken care of. We've always felt that selling a console should be a smooth, stress-free and rewarding experience. Trust Vintage King to make it happen.

Ready to Sell Your Console?