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  • Vintage King's An Inside Look At Make Noise

    The world of modular synthesizers has blown wide open in the past couple of years, thanks in part to incredible builders like Make Noise. The Asheville, North Carolina-based brand started by husband/wife duo Tony Rolando and Kelly Kelbel has pushed to the forefront of the scene with impressive sounding modules and a unique visual aesthetic. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Inside Look At Moog Music

    Prior to the passing of revolutionary thinker Dr. Robert Moog, he began to help Moog Music prep for the company's next phase in their development. Moving the brand's operations to his adopted home of Asheville, North Carolina, the storied synthesizer creator helped his namesake select a new headquarters and design its floor plan. It's an impact that is still felt at Moog Music nearly 12 years later.

    "It's not difficult for us to continue on the path that Bob Moog laid out ahead of us," says Jim Debardi, Communications Manager at Moog Music. "His pictures are everywhere, his tools are everywhere. Everything we do has his touch on it, one way or another. The spirit of Bob Moog is alive in every corner of this factory." Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Inside Look At Rupert Neve Designs

    Having already lived a life full of innovation, no one would have blamed Rupert Neve if he never created another piece of gear again. After all, the man known as the "Godfather of Pro Audio," had spent decades perfecting his gifts to the recording world, including consoles, mic pres, EQ, compressors and more. Yet, ever the tinkerer, Neve remained restless and desired to create something under his own name. Continue reading
  • Vintage King's Inside Look At Universal Audio

    Even in an industry packed to the brim with ingenious makers, there are few that have had the lasting impact of Universal Audio's M.T. "Bill" Putnam Sr. Since finding his place in the studio as an engineer in his early years, Putnam transformed the way many listen, look and think during the recording process. Continue reading
  • Vintage King's Inside Look At Shure Microphones


    Since their earliest days in 1925, when founder Sidney N. Shure sold radio kits, the Shure brand has been synonymous with innovation in the world of electronics and microphones. "The fact that he used his name for the company is something he was very proud of," says Shure Company Historian Michael Pettersen. "It was one of the reasons they decided to keep the quality of the company so high because it was his family's name." Continue reading

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