Vintage King Studio Services

  • Brokering Your Console With Vintage King

    For over two decades, Vintage King has been one of the world's preeminent purveyors of vintage and used recording consoles. In addition to buying consoles to sell outright, we also provide brokering services. By utilizing our brokering services, we can help clients who would like to avoid the hassles and complexities that can be involved in selling a desk.

    Why choose Vintage King to broker your console? We’ve been a trusted partner in creating thousands of safe transactions for buyers and sellers around the globe for 25 years. Read on to learn more about our brokering process and how we can make it as easy possible for you. Continue reading

  • All Wired Up: Studio Installs With SkinnyFish Audio

    When Vintage King began plotting our Nashville brick and mortar location, we knew we wanted an expertly wired studio-like facility for customers to check out our selection of gear. Enter Mike Rhodes of SkinnyFish Audio.

    While Rhodes originally set out to become a staff engineer at Ocean Way Studios, he fell into working with the facility's Chief Technical Engineer Sal Greco. Under Greco's leadership, Rhodes helped plot out and build the famous studio, which would become the first of many outstanding rooms on his resume.

    In the time since, Rhodes has collaborated with Vintage King on more incredible installs and wiring projects including our Nashville showroom, The Parlor New Orleans, Haxton Road Studios and Tuff Gong International. We recently chatted with Rhodes to learn more about his work process, the studios he's helped build and the impact that wiring a room correctly can have on your workflow. Continue reading

  • The World of Sending Audio Over IP

    With the announcement of more SoundGrid and Dante-enabled gear at NAMM 2018, including the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 and Apogee Symphony, the world of sending audio over IP has blown wide open.

    The push towards sending audio over IP has been around as long as road crews and sound engineers have been carrying cables for every single input and output in their rigs. How does this technology help deliver pristine sound and save on chiropractor bills? Continue reading to learn about the many benefits of sending audio over IP. Continue reading

  • Buying And Trading Gear With Vintage King

    For 25 years, we've put our hearts and souls into creating a company that you can trust when it comes to purchasing pro audio gear and trading in what you don’t use anymore. Unlike online marketplaces and shady classified websites, we aim to make your experience easy and hassle-free. At Vintage King, we built our process to avoid that whole mess.

    Why do we go the extra mile? When our owners Mike and Andrew Nehra began purchasing gear in the early 1990s, they often felt that they were burned by retailers. The products simply did not match up to what was promised in their descriptions. With Vintage King, the duo set out to make sure that every piece of gear met their high standards before leaving the building. Continue on to find out the reasons why we are your number one resource for the best in pro audio. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Expands Technical Services In Los Angeles

    Multi-talented audio consultant, product specialist and solutions engineer Frank Verschuuren has joined the Vintage King Los Angeles team as Technical Services Specialist.

    Verschuuren’s responsibilities at Vintage King include a wide range of technical services like patchbay configuration and installation, mic line/input panel design and installation of custom studio solutions. His talents extend to Pro Tools system installation/configuration, as well as on-site acoustical analysis and Dolby Atmos installation and design. Continue reading

  • What Is a Patch Bay And Why Do You Need One?

    The patch bay is often a great mystery for engineers just starting off and to any musician who comes into a recording studio for the first time. With so many plugs and wires, it can be a little intimidating and you might ask yourself, "Where do all those patch points go?" Continue reading

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