• First Listen: Aston Stealth

    Aston Microphones set the pro audio world ablaze in 2016 when they introduced their first releases, the Origin and Spirit. In the time since, they've continued to design innovative microphones with a similar hearty build aesthetic, traits that both extend to their brand new Stealth mic.

    The word "unique" is only a starting point for defining the Aston Stealth. The microphone features an internal Class A preamp, an internal shock mount system, and four different voice settings that will give users a wide range of options to use in the studio. Each of these voice settings feature their own high-quality signal path, which helps to keep phase distortion to a minimum.

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  • Hear The New UK Sound 176 Mono Compressor

    In late 2017, BAE Audio announced the formation of a sister company, UK Sound, with a focus on creating affordable, high quality gear. UK Sound's latest release follows suit with this ideal, as the 176 mono compressor offers up a design inspired by the classic UREI/Universal Audio 1176.

    This isn't the first time that UK Sound has channeled the legendary FET-style compressor. The brand's first release, the 1173, brought together an 1176-style design with the much-loved Neve 1073 mic pre. While the 1173 comes in at a cost of $1,200, the new standalone version of the 176 only costs $749.00. This makes it perfect for anyone who already owns a 1073 mic pre and just wants more compression in their workflow.

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  • VK Shootout: Peluso Microphone Lab P-414 v.s. Vintage AKG C 414

    During AES 2018, the Peluso Microphone Lab announced that they would be launching a new take on a classic microphone. The P-414 from Peluso takes direct inspiration from AKG's beloved studio workhorse, the C 414.

    Not just any C 414 though, as Peluso looked to the C 414 EB from 1976 as a guiding light during their design process. This new version of the microphone uses the same brass dual-backplate edge-terminated 34 mm capsule as the original EB model. In addition, the brass grille and body have also been brought over for maximum durability.  Continue reading

  • First Listen: Chandler Limited TG Microphone

    Chandler Limited has always been known for their incredible analog hardware. However, with the release of the new TG Microphone, the brand is also solidifying their reputation for creating outstanding mics.

    Coming hot on the heels of the highly successfully EMI REDD Microphone, the TG Microphone is a new solid-state large diaphragm condenser mic. Once again, Chandler Limited is giving you the option to alter your sound at the source by giving the microphone a plethora of on-board tools. Continue reading

  • Fresh Listen: Tube-Tech CL 1B

    Since it first made its debut in 1987, the Tube-Tech CL 1B has become a modern studio classic. Why is this compressor what engineers and producers often patch in for their sessions? The optical tube compressor offers up smooth, butter-like compression that is practical and doesn't feature the harshness that can be associated with some other compressors.

    In particular, the Tube-Tech CL 1B has become synonymous with being the go-to compressor on vocals in the pop and hip-hop music communities. The compressor is known to have been a mainstay on vocal sessions for Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and plenty more chart-topping hitmakers. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Presents: Silent Knife

    It's Halloween time and at Vintage King we've been getting in the spirit by binging on our favorite horror movies, both new and old. Whether it be the lush beauty of Mandy, the stark realism of the latest Halloween or the bonkers nature of every Friday The 13th sequel, we got inspired to create something of our very own.

    In our new short, Silent Knife, we posit the question, "What happens when a serial slasher's knife goes quiet?" Not "quiet" as in the killer goes dormant, but "quiet" in the sense that things just aren't quite the way they used to be. There's just that little something missing. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Mike Nehra Talks With DIME Detroit Students

    Located only a block away from where the Nehra brothers started Vintage King, the Detroit Institute of Music Education offers a new educational option for those interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. The school's unique curriculum focuses on areas like songwriting, music entrepreneurship and creative music performance.

    DIME Detroit recently invited Vintage King Co-Founder and CEO Mike Nehra to come speak with students about his recording career and work at our company. Additionally, Mike took questions from DIME students and offered insights into using certain microphones for specific genres, analog compared to digital and creating a hybrid workflow. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Goes Live In The D With WDIV

    Earlier today, Vintage King took over the WDIV Detroit newsroom for a segment on their Live In The D morning broadcast. We brought along a bevy of vintage gear and their modern counterparts, including the Neumann U67 (Neumann 67 Reissue), Fairchild 670 (UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670 MII), Townsend Sphere L22 and the new Moog One.

    Prior to the live shoot featuring Vintage King's President Ryan McGuire and Audio Consultant Brandon Murphy, WDIV ran a segment offering a look at the inner workings of our company. The news team came to the Vintage King Tech Shop and we had the opportunity to show off how we restore vintage and used gear to their classic condition. Continue reading

  • New AEA KU5A Reimagines BK-5 With Supercardioid Pattern

    The new AEA KU5A serves as a reminder that the brand has always been known for creating incredible ribbon microphones. Once again, inspiration comes in the form of a classic RCA mic, but this time, AEA is giving their new microphone a sonic quality all its own.

    For the KU5A, AEA looked to the form factor of the RCA BK-5. The end-address design microphone was originally released in the mid-1950s and was primarily used at TV and radio stations. The microphone has been a recording studio staple in the decades since, as its lightweight body and uniaxial design enables users to have a more directional focus on the sound source. Continue reading

  • The Analog Color Of The New Solid State Logic Fusion

    The brand new Solid State Logic Fusion side-steps the brand's classic transparency by offering up some unique coloring tools for engineers. The five distinct analog processors of the Fusion have been designed with hybird studios in mind and will offer warmth, depth, color and more to your digital recordings.

    We were fortunate enough to have Solid State Logic's Fadi Hayek recently stop by the Vintage King studio room and give us a walkthrough of the Fusion's features. Watch our new video below to hear all five of the Fusion's coloring tools at work and gain more insight into the unit. Continue reading

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