Staff Picks Series

  • Vocal Microphones For Under $2000

    Finding the perfect vocal microphone when you're working within a budget can be a lot easier than you actually might expect. After all, there are classic studio microphones that come in well under the price of some of their more famous counterparts like vintage Neumann U 47s and U 87s.

    In our new blog, we're exploring some great examples of vocal microphones under $2000. With storied mic makers like Neumann and AKG making the list, in addition to newcomers like Aston and Roswell, you'll be sure to find something new for your studio that doesn't completely drain your wallet. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Staff Talks About Their Favorite Monitors


    When it comes to selecting the right monitor for your studio space, there are a number of factors to consider. You want something that fits your space, the projects that you are working on and gives you the best representation of the audio you're recording, mixing or mastering. With so many different options to choose from in the modern world of pro audio speakers, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your studio. Check out what some of our sales staff have recently chosen as their favorite monitors and then discover our massive selection of active and passive speakers. Continue reading
  • Meet The Exclusive Caroline Kilobyte Pedal - Vintage King Edition


    Vintage King is extremely happy to announce a new collaboration with the Caroline Guitar Company. This exclusive line of pedals is centered on remaking the brand's signature delay pedal, the Kilobyte. Meet the new Caroline Kilobyte VK Edition.

    Resident Vintage King pedal whiz Scotty I. got first crack at the new Kilobyte in the office and loved it so much that he wanted to write about it. If you're unfamilar with Scotty, check out his incredible Instagram, @VKGuitar, and read on to discover his thoughts about the new Kilobyte Continue reading

  • Five Small Consoles And Mixers For Under $8000

    Whether you're just getting started in the world of recording or building out a project studio, a small mixer or console can mean a world of a difference to your sound quality. In an effort to help your selection process, Vintage King has made a list of five small consoles and mixers for under $8000.

    So... How do you know what to buy? Looking for pieces of gear that incorporate the essential elements of large scale consoles can be key in picking the right equipment. Check out our list below and you'll find some of our favorites for getting the job done right. Continue reading

  • VK's Scotty I. Picks His Top Five Weirdo Pedals


    Vintage King has been evolving our line of guitar gear by culling together the most unique and essential brands out in the market today. As the face of our Guitar Sales team, Scotty I. knows a thing or two about pedals. OK... maybe not just a thing or two, more like thousands. Scotty's jam room is literally a mountain of pedals, as documented by his Instagram account, @VKGuitar. Continue reading

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