Studio Road Trip

  • All Sound Upgrades Workflow With Gear From Avid, ADAM Audio And Trinnov Audio

    All Sound is a North Hollywood-based post-production space helmed by Nick Couscouris, a veteran in recording and mixing for advertising campaigns, films, TV shows, sports and more. Prior to his recent work on Happy Ending With Nando Vila and A Quiet Place, Couscouris teamed up with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho to bring in an incredible package of new gear to All Sound.

    Dubbing his workflow as "streamlined with constant creativity," it was clear from the beginning that Couscouris wanted a set-up that would enable him to work quickly and keep ideas flowing. With that in mind, Bolitho and Couscouris envisioned a centerpiece in the new space with two Avid S3 control surfaces flanked by two Avid Docks. Each surface alone is a powerful tool, but the combination of the two enables you to use some timesaving custom controls. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Matt Hennessy of VSOP Studios

    So much of what is done in recording studios all over the world is a balancing act of technical skill and creative instinct. For Matt Hennessy, a Berklee-trained jazz musician and recording engineer, deftly handling both sides of the record making process will always be what excites him the most.

    "Unlocking what makes it all work is one of the things that is really exciting about what we do," says Hennessy. "When the arrangement is finally there, you got that killer vocal, everything is recorded in a way that it makes sense for the song. You turn it up on the speakers, everyone in the room falls silent and lives in the moment of that record. Those are the moments you can't duplicate." Continue reading

  • Anthony Gallo Makes The Move To A Neve 8026 Console

    After moving to New York for a studio internship 15 years ago, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo began amassing engineering and production credits from an incredible list of artists including John Legend, Common, Carly Simon and Jon Bon Jovi. Throughout this major push in his career, Gallo began building out his own space, Virtue and Vice Studios, with a wide range of gear including a Neve console that he purchased from Vintage King. Continue reading

  • Michael Marquart Opts For API Legacy AXS Console From Vintage King

    Popular producer Michael Marquart is well-known for his project, A Bad Think, and his tenure drumming for the band, A Flock of Seagulls. When he recently began looking for a console for his private studio on the East Coast, he worked with Vintage King Audio Consultant Jeff Leibovich to find a desk that was the right fit. 

    “I was originally looking for a Neve 8014. I have one in my Malibu studio and asked Vintage King to find me another one," Marquart explains. "Jeff Leibovich suggested the API Legacy AXS console." Continue reading

  • Vintage King Revives Classic Neve 8068 For Power Station New England

    Power Station New England, founded in 1995 and located in picturesque Waterford, Connecticut, has taken delivery of a historic Neve 8068 MkII recording console as part of an extensive studio expansion. Continue reading

  • Tracking With Neil Greenhaw of Haxton Road Studios

    With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Neil Greenhaw is an entrepreneur and music producer living in Bentonville, Arkansas. When looking at Bentonville and thinking about what it needed, Greenhaw saw an opportunity to create a recording and mixing mecca that could service the entire Central United States. Enter Haxton Road Studios. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Joe Costner of Spartan Recording

    We all follow our own path into making the sounds that we love. For budding engineer and producer Joe Costner, he forged his own way by rebuilding a mobile trailer from the ground up and learning to record music in a completely different way.

    "I said, 'I want to do this,' and I fucking went for it like nothing else in my life," Costner says reminiscing about coming up with the concept for Spartan Recording. "I spent a year and a half building this, designing it, did every single cut of wood myself and measured everything myself. I really went for it."

    With some help from Robert Alexander at Vintage King Los Angeles, Costner transformed a vintage Spartan trailer into a mobile studio space and outfitted it with some incredible gear including a Solid State Logic XL Desk. Watch our brand new Make Your Mark on Costner and Spartan Recording to discover more about the renovation of the trailer, the process of recording in a mobile unit and how the XL Desk has impacted his workflow. Continue reading

  • Trace Horse Studio Enters Nashville With Neve Consoles In Tow

    For Tim and Preston Cochran, the owners of the brand new Trace Horse Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, music is something that has been passed down in their family from generation to generation. "My grandfather was a guitarist and a bluegrass promoter in rural Virginia. He also gave me a Harmony electric guitar for Christmas when I was 10 years old," says Tim Cochran. "As far as passing my passion for music onto Preston, it was never really a conscious thing, unless you count putting the White Album and God Save the Queen on continuous play while he was still in his crib."

    Spurred by Preston's interest in writing and recording as a teenager, Tim's love for gear was reawakened and the two began to assemble all the gear needed for a traditional studio space. With the opening of Trace Horse, Preston, who is recent Belmont graduate, has already been lining up clients to work on the studio's beautiful Neve 8014 and BCM10. We recently chatted with Tim about Trace Horse finding its place in the world of Nashville studios, creating an aesthetic and owning one of only five Class A Neve consoles in Music City. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Daniel Barrett of Rubicon Studios

    Life is simple in Austin, Texas, and that’s the way producer Daniel Barrett likes it; a dog on the floor, tubes in his gear and a French Press machine for making coffee. After spending years as an artist working in large-scale studios, Barrett took to creating a home recording space, Rubicon Studios, that better suited the Lone Star State's laidback vibe. Continue reading

  • Tracking With Roger Goodman Of Royal House Recording

    Despite a burgeoning production career in California, Roger Goodman couldn't help but think about his native Detroit from afar. Since moving to the Golden State and garnering Grammy nominations, the young music maker saw a change in the definition of the word "producer" and sought to find a return to form in his hometown. Continue reading

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