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  • Francesco Cameli Talks The Role Of Pro Tools In His Workflow


    Like many engineers and producers, Francesco Cameli got his start in recording when his band first took to the studio world. As he became ingrained in the process, Cameli began to find that he would rather learn more about recording than actually playing.

    The difference between Cameli and most of his peers was his willingness to create opportunities for himself when there were none present. When he was unable to find work as a studio assistant, the budding music maker invested in his own space and began learning all he could about producing and engineering. Continue reading

  • Sean Neff Discovers The Power Of The Avid S3


    After playing in bands for years in his native Texas, Sean Neff found himself on the other side of the studio working as a mix and recording engineer. Since arriving in his new home of Nashville, he can hardly remember a time before he adopted Avid software into his workflow. "I'm trying to remember when I haven't gone to my doc and hit the button for Pro Tools," says Neff. "I don't know life without it." Continue reading

  • Jeffery Alan Jones Brings Home The Power Of The Avid S6

    Whether leading an orchestra, writing his own compositions or handling large-scale mixes for film, television and video games, Jeffery Alan Jones has relied on an incredible sense of organization to keep himself on top of his work. In order to further his ability to work on projects in an orderly manner, the Los Angeles-based creator recently teamed with Vintage King when looking for a new control surface and brought home an Avid S6. Continue reading

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