Texas-based Shadow Hills Industries is known for the all-black aesthetic and rugged military-style construction of outboard favorites like the Mastering Compressor, Dual Vandergraph, Equinox, and Mono GAMA. After establishing itself as one of Vintage King's best-selling preamps, Shadow Hills is refreshing the Mono GAMA with a new VK-exclusive edition dubbed Mono GAMA Copper.

The Mono GAMA Copper remains faithful to the elements that contributed to the success of its predecessor. It features the same Jensen input transformer and a knob for selecting the best output transformer option for your source. The original Mono GAMA offers three settings, including Nickel (Low distortion), Discrete (Transformerless), and Steel (Colored with 1dB boost).

For the Mono GAMA Copper, Shadow Hills is adding a fourth selection option to the knob. The Stack setting combines the Nickel and Steel transformers together. Engineers can expect more color, saturation, and distortion when using this option. This new addition enhances the versatility of the Mono GAMA by providing even more colors for shaping your sound.

Watch our First Listen of the new Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA Copper below for sound examples of the mic preamp and all four transformer output settings. The session was engineered by Anthony Vaticalos and Jordan DiDonato and features performances by Ben Garrett (Acoustic Guitar, Mellotron, Piano, Vocals), Father Philip (Bass), Payden Hilliard (Drums), Frankie Orella (Vocals), Kevin Schuck (Electric Guitar), and Cody Angel (Pedal Steel).