Flock Audio, the innovative pro audio company known for its patented analog routing technology, has announced the latest additions to the brand's PATCH Series of products: the PATCH VT Patchbay and the CX Standalone Module. These new products offer even more flexibility and control in routing analog audio signals, making them a versatile addition to any studio setup.

Read on to learn more about the new PATCH VT, how it compares to the other models in the PATCH Series, and how you can leverage the new CX Standalone Module to get the most out of your studio. Let’s dive in! 

Flock Audio PATCH VT

The PATCH VT Patchbay is the newest model in the PATCH series, offering 128-point connections (64 inputs/64 outputs) with DB-25/D-SUB Tascam standard pinout format connectors on the rear panel.

The front panel includes two combo TRS/XLR inputs and two XLR outputs, making it easy to quickly connect your favorite gear. The PATCH VT also features 32 assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power, as well as the ability to create, store, and recall routings in seconds using the PATCH APP and PATCH APP DX routing software (compatible with OSX, Windows, and iOS). 

With its patented Flock Audio Matrix Technology, the PATCH VT offers 100% sonically transparent analog routing, with no AD/DA conversion, no latency, and no level or impedance changes when creating complex multing combinations. 

Compared to the other models in the PATCH Series, PATCH VT falls neatly between the classic 64-point PATCH and the massive 192-point PATCH XT, making it perfect for mid-sized studios that need more than 32 inputs or outputs, but aren’t quite ready to utilize the PATCH XT. Plus, like all products in the PATCH Series, PATCH VT is expandable with up to 10 PATCH modules. 

Just like the flagship PATCH XT, the new PATCH VT offers a number of premium features including a built-in power supply, optional Sleep Mode for saving power, and input signal audio detection. PATCH VT is also compatible with Flock Audio’s XTH Cable Hanger/Management Accessory, which protects your cables from unnecessary wear and tear.

To learn more about how the new PATCH VT compares to the other models in the PATCH Series, check out our Flock Audio Patchbay Buyer’s Guide.

Flock Audio CX Standalone Module

For those looking for even more flexibility in routing analog audio signals, the CX Standalone Module is the perfect solution. This 8-channel standalone module is compatible with all PATCH series models and allows all types of analog audio signal levels to be compatible to route through the PATCH series—even mic-level signals! Now you can quickly and easily connect mic and instrument level signals from the live room to all of your favorite preamps and outboard gear.

The CX features eight mic/instrument level XLR/TRS combo inputs and eight line-level outputs. With eight assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power, the CX can connect any type of analog audio signal to the PATCH series via the CX hardware. 

Like the PATCH VT, the CX is controlled through the PATCH APP and PATCH APP DX software. Connect directly to your computer via the included USB cable, and patch into your PATCH system of choice using DB-25 or D-SUB cables.

The new PATCH VT and CX Standalone Module from Flock Audio expand on the company's already impressive lineup of analog routing solutions. Whether you're looking for a high-channel count patchbay or a standalone module to integrate with your existing setup, we highly recommend checking out the PATCH VT and CX.

Patrick CarpenterIf you're interested in purchasing a Flock Audio patchbay system or have questions about how the technology would fit in your studio, we're here to help! Please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.