For over 40 years, Solid State Logic studio tools have been at the heart of music production, leaving their sonic signature on some of the most iconic records ever made. Now, with the all-new SSL 2+ and SSL 2 USB audio interfaces, you can capture that same classic sound right in your own personal studio.

The move towards scaling down the Solid State Logic sound started last year with the best selling SiX desktop interface. Continue reading below to learn how the SSL 2+ and SSL 2 continue that trend and do so at an even more affordable price point for project studios and home studios.

More Than An Audio Interface

The all-new SSL 2+ and SSL 2 USB audio interfaces draw from over four decades of innovation and experience. With class-leading analog microphone preamps and pristine 24-bit / 192 kHz converters, the new SSL 2 Series USB audio interfaces deliver studio-quality recordings. Inspired by the legendary SSL 4K console, the newly-designed "Legacy 4K" mode adds classic analog color and character to your recordings for that extra dose of vintage vibe. An immaculate signal path and a high-current headphone amplifier ensure crystal-clear playback while tracking or mixing.

Combined with a compact footprint and rugged construction, the new SSL 2+ and SSL 2 USB audio interfaces make it easier than ever to create professional productions in any environment. Top it all off with the included "SSL Production Pack" software bundle, which includes some of SSL’s own studio-grade Native plug-ins and a carefully selected range of DAWs, samples, loops and virtual instruments to take your productions to the next level.

Legacy 4K Analog Enhancement

From the classic bite of the "242" and "292" EQ circuits to the legendary punch of the SSL G-Series Bus Compressor, or the unmatched versatility of the groundbreaking SuperAnalogue preamps, SSL are known for their signature bite. That’s why the new SSL 2 Series USB audio interfaces feature Legacy 4K Analog Enhancement technology.

Inspired by SL4000 series consoles, the Legacy 4K button is designed to instantly bring your tracks to life with the classic color and character of an SSL console. This innovative sound-sculpting circuit introduces the beloved "forward," yet musical high-frequency EQ boost on the 4000-series EQs for a brighter, more in-your-face sound. It also adds subtle harmonic distortion, instantly enhancing your tracks and fattening up your sound.


Solid State Logic SSL 2+

Ideal for producers who want to collaborate, the SSL 2+ USB audio interface features two class-leading SSL preamps with studio-grade Neutrik input jacks for microphones, instruments, and other line-level devices. The rear panel features two balanced monitor outputs, as well as four unbalanced outputs for additional connectivity. Two dedicated headphone outputs make it easy to create separate artist and engineer mixes. The SSL 2+ even features MIDI input and output jacks for quickly interfacing with your favorite controllers.

On the front panel, each preamp features a dedicated +48V switch for phantom power and two input select switches. Both preamps also include their own 5-segment LED meter for a quick and easy visual level reference. Below each preamp’s dedicated gain control is the all-new Legacy 4K switch, which injects your tracks with the classic sound and charm of the SSL 4K consoles, giving you two unique sonic pallets to choose from.

In addition to the preamp controls, the front panel features a large, high-quality Alps pot for monitor level control. Both headphones have dedicated monitor controls, while Phones B can be set to receive signal from outputs 3 and 4. The monitor mix control allows you to dial in the perfect blend of direct input and USB playback for zero-latency recording.


Solid State Logic SSL 2

Tailor-made for producers and musicians, the SSL 2 is the ultimate personal production studio. Just like the SSL 2+ interface, the SSL 2 features two Mic/Line/Inst inputs. A single headphone output makes it easy to monitor yourself while recording, while the two balanced outputs offer a pristine monitor patch for mixing. The SSL 2 utilized the same low-latency monitor mix control, USB powered design and rugged construction as the full-featured SSL 2+. With streamlined features and compact design, the SSL 2 is a cost-effective music production solution that’s perfect for creating professional-level productions at home or on the go.

SSL Production Pack

When it comes to modern music production, software is just as important as hardware. That’s why the new SSL 2+ and SSL 2 USB audio interfaces come bundled with an impressive collection of exclusive software to ensure you have everything you need to capture your creativity.

At the top of the list is Pro Tools First, a free version of Pro Tools optimized for online collaboration. Pro Tools First also includes an exclusive SSL collection of AAX plugins with the legendary Bombfactory compressors BF-76, BF-2A and BF-3A. The SSL Production Pack also includes Ableton Live Lite, a lightweight version of Ableton’s acclaimed music creation software for musicians, producers and DJ’s alike.

Ideal for producers and beat makers, the SSL Production Pack comes loaded with a 1.5GB library of carefully-curated loops and samples from Loopcloud, organized intuitively by genre and available through the award-winning Loopcloud software.

If you’d rather lay down your own chords and melodies, kick-start your musical journey with 2000+ incredible sounds from Hybrid Keys and Komplete Start. Choose from professional-sounding synths, sampled instruments, essential effects and more.

Finally, the SSL Production Pack also includes the SSL Native Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plug-ins. Quickly polish your tracks to perfection using these intuitive, high-quality plug-ins based on iconic SSL designs.

Brian GrossThe Solid State Logic SSL 2+ and SSL 2 desktop interfaces are in stock at Vintage King Audio! If you're interested in ordering, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.