In one of the most coveted recording packages ever assembled, three incredible pieces of historic gear from the famed Abbey Road Studios have been brought together for sale. At the heart of the package is the studio’s legendary REDD.37 console (one of only three ever created), with this particular model being active in EMI Studio One and utilized on various recording sessions by The Beatles.

Based on the REDD.17 built by Peter Burkowitz, the REDD.37 is a continuation of this classic technology, pushed even further by Len Page and the Record Engineering Development Department (REDD) team. The console is constructed from five individual pieces and features an upgrade in the number of tracks and channels, in addition to the use of V72s mic preamps. To meet the 200 ohms impedance requirement utilized by all Abbey Road gear, the desk was specifically modded to fit these preamps, which involved adding a 168 ohm internal resistor.

The REDD.37 console included in this package was built in December 1958, as denoted by its serial number, #58121A (58 – the year, 12- the month). After being moved into EMI Studio One at Abbey Road, the console spent the better part of the next decade in the room and was used during various Beatles sessions from Meet The Beatles through their final release, Let It Be.

Since the 1990s, this REDD.37 console has been lovingly cared for by Lenny Kravitz, who has kept the desk in pristine condition. Whether you’re looking to own a piece of history or trying to capture the magic of the 1960’s London rock scene in your studio, this REDD.37 package is the ultimate combination of function, form and style.

Aside from the REDD.37 console, this package also features two equally historic tape machines, including the EMI/Abbey Roads Studios No.7 Studer J37. As one of only eight tape machines used at Abbey Road Studios, this piece of equipment was revolutionary, as it allowed producers and engineers to bounce tracks and pull-off accurate drop-ins while overdubbing. The Studer J37 is a four-track 1” multi-track tape machine, which records at both 7.5ips and 15ips, and features 52 tubes in its design. This make-up includes four record amplifiers, each with two ECC188 tubes, and four reproduce amplifiers, each with three ECC188s and an E283CC. The frequency response at 15ips was spec’d at 30Hz to 15kHz (+/-2dB).

The second tape machine included in this package is a Studer C37, which is a two-track stereo master recorder that runs 1/4 inch tape. As the predecessor to the J37, the C37 was released in the early 1960s and maintained its status as a studio favorite until being phased out in the 1970s. This tape machine records at both 7.5ips and 15ips, features the original C37 resin-body heads, offers balanced XLR input and output, CCIR – NAB selectable equalization and modular tube electronics, with independent Dual-Mono Rec and Play boards.

Update (December 21st,2020): There is new footage of The Beatles using Abbey Road EMI consoles in the upcoming documentary, The Beatles: Get Back. Watch below to see the desks and get a unique perspective of the band in the recording studio.