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Remembering Vincent van Haaff Through His Work


We were met with great sadness when we heard of the passing of studio architect, designer and acoustician, Vincent Amaury van Haaff on Monday, May 23rd, 2016. After coming to America and forming his company Waterland Design LLC in 1978, van Haaff spent the better part of four decades creating and building incredible studios around the world including Henson Recording Studios (Formerly A&M Studios), Conway Studios, Capitol Studios and more.

Despite his untimely passing, his designs will live on and continue to be shining beacons of light for musicians, producers and engineers searching for the ultimate feeling of studio serenity. To celebrate his life, we're sharing photos of some of Vincent's greatest studio achievements. Thank you for your incredible work, Vincent.

Henson Recording Studios


Conway Studios


Woodstock Studio Karuizawa


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2 thoughts on “Remembering Vincent van Haaff Through His Work”

  • Michael Bradford

    My home studio is outfitted with Vincent's acoustic panels, bass traps and corner baffles, plus his unique sail-shaped focus panels in the mix position. I could never have thought that it would be possible to make hit recordings and mixes outside of a conventional studio until Vincent showed me the way. Thank you Vincent for advancing the world of sound and acoustics . The industry will benefit from your innovations for years to come. Godspeed, VvH.

  • Martyn Evans

    The first professional studio I was ever in was Conway Studios. Running into Timothy "Primal Jaimal" Lovitt and having a long conversation about sound and music while Vincent was building his "Hilltop Studio/Home" was a total jaw dropping experience! Every time I enter a situation where architecture and acoustics coexist or clash, the thought, "What would VvH Do?" runs between my ears!

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