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Vintage King Staff Talks About Their Favorite Monitors


When it comes to selecting the right monitor for your studio space, there are a number of factors to consider. You want something that fits your space, the projects that you are working on and gives you the best representation of the audio you're recording, mixing or mastering. With so many different options to choose from in the modern world of pro audio speakers, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your studio. Check out what some of our sales staff have recently chosen as their favorite monitors and then discover our massive selection of active and passive speakers.

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Barefoot Sound MM27
For a decade, this revolutionary monitor has made mixers, engineers and artists smile when working thru them emerging as the market leader in its class. You feel as though you're "in" the mix and not so much working on it.


If you want to fall in love with music all over again, listen to anything on the ATC 45s.  They say, “Love your job.”  If you’re working on the ATC SCM45As, you will.

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Augspurger Duo 8's + Subs
I'm just absolutely giddy about these speakers. Punchy with this unbelievably clear mid-range detail. My jaw hit the floor once we got them optimized for the control room.

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PMC twotwo.8
The largest of PMC’s twotwo Series is a very articulate speaker with tons of energy and punch that translates perfectly. It has both low and high shelf EQ’s to adjust to your setting and built-in networking capabilities, so you can add the twotwo sub down the road and build a full range system, complete with bass management.

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Barefoot Sound MicroMain26
The horizontal placement and added mid-driver offer the signature Barefoot sound with enhanced imaging and mid-range resolution.

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I’m really thankful for the ATC 45s. They have given me the quality I have looked for in large monitors, but in a package that fits into my home studio, as well as the world class quality I’ve always relied on.

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Barefoot Sound MM27
The most revealing speaker we sell. Get these if you want to hear what’s wrong with your mix. Every decision made in the studio comes down to accurate monitoring


Barefoot Sound MM12
I mean, there are speakers… And then there are the 12s. Clear, detailed top to bottom, the Barefoots are a great investment. With that kind of detail and clarity, you can make changes to your mix with confidence and without having to check your work.

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