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  • Make Your Mark With Akihito Yoshikawa

    Located in Tokyo, Japan, Studio Dede is a monument to the classic era of the recording studio. Owner Akihito Yoshikawa has a deep-seated passion for all things analog, something that he knows is important to pass onto a younger generation of Japanese engineers who remain unsure about its sound.

    "A lot of aspiring engineers don't even know the term, 'analog.'" says Yoshikawa. "When these kids in their 20s are exposed to it, they are overwhelmed by the sound. It's my duty to keep educating and passing this along." Continue reading

  • Around The Shop: Telefunken ELA-M 251

    The Telefunken ELA-M 250 and 251 are two beloved microphones from recording history that came about after the end of the partnership between Telefunken and Neumann. Once Telefunken stopped making the VF14 tube for the Neumann U47 and U48, they began working with AKG and utilized the Austrian brand's C12 microphone as the basis for the ELA-M 250 and 251.

    In addition to stocking the current version of the ELA-M 251T and ELA-M 251E, we are lucky enough to have a stunning example of a Telefunken ELA-M 251 currently residing at the Vintage King Tech Shop. This model comes from the original 1960s run of microphones and was most recently owned by Kevin Augunas of Fairfax Recordings. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Wants To Know Your Favorite Gear Of All Time

    In the world of pro audio, we all know that there are a lot of opinions out there. Ask any group of engineers, "What's the best microphone for vocals?" You'll get a different answer from each one. "Favorite mastering compressor?" Same situation. "Best plug-in?" Forget about it. There is so much gear out there and that's what makes what we do so special.

    Since we're celebrating Vintage King's birthday this month with our 25th Anniversary Sale, we thought it was an appropriate time to ask our customers about some of their favorite pieces of gear. In the spirit of our 25th, we're asking anyone who wants to voice their opinion what are their top five pieces of gear from throughout recording history. Digital, analog, just about anything you can think of, we want to hear about it. Continue reading

  • Utilizing Audio Over IP With The Burl Audio Mothership And BMB4

    A few months ago, we did a blog on audio over IP systems and their usefulness in the studio, on stage and in post-production or broadcast settings. One of the most interesting AoIP systems on the list was the Burl Audio Mothership, a fully customizable 80-channel AD/DA converter with options for DigiLink, MADI and Dante connections.

    Burl Audio's new BMB4 module extends these connectivity capabilities to the Waves SoundGrid platform for both the B16 Mothership and the B80 Mothership. With 64 I/O channels of Waves SoundGrid connectivity, the BMB4 truly opens up a wide range of options for your workflow, no matter which type of studio or live setting you're working in. Continue reading

  • Adding Color And Warmth To Recordings With The Elysia Skulpter

    The skulpter from elysia is a brand new 500 Series mic pre that offers a wide range of sound options from extremely natural to full-blown color. Whether you're looking for something that stays true to the organic sound of your source or would like to add some warmth to your recordings, this will give you the tools to get the job done.

    Something that sets the elysia skulpter apart from other mic pres on the market is that it has several unique on-board features. If you're looking for additional sounds for your arsenal, this skulpter features two variable saturation/filter stages and a compressor that can offer a finished sound to your recordings before you ever even make it to the mixing phase.

    Continue reading

  • Beat The Heat And Win A $1000 Vintage King Gift Card

    The dog days of summer have arrived and there isn't much to do, but stay inside the studio and beat the heat in the air conditioning. Since you've been working so hard, we felt it was it was an appropriate time to award one lucky fan with a $1000 Vintage King gift card.

    This giveaway is super simple and all you have to do to be entered to win is read our official rules and fill out the form in this blog! We will draw one lucky winner's name at random after the giveaway ends on 8/6/2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck everyone! Continue reading

  • The Vault Studio Brings Home Vintage King-Restored Neve 8058

    Even though Bob McCutcheon's career led him into the world of business, the Pittsburgh native has been a lifelong musician who always loved being in the recording studio. As his children got older and they became more interested in recording, Bob decided it was time to expand upon a dream he had since the late 1980s.

    "I had my first studio in 1988 and always wanted to start another. I kept nearly every piece of gear I've ever owned," says McCutcheon. "My children's passion for music grew and it only further motivated me. Truth be told… It just gave me the excuse I needed. Building and owning a commercial studio was always the dream."

    McCutcheon got started by buying an old bank, building out the inside and by 2016, The Vault Studio was open for business. In 2018, McCutcheon came to Vintage King to check out a historic Neve 8058 that had been recently refurbished by the Vintage King Tech Shop. He would end up purchasing the console and The Vault would become a special part of the desk's pedigree. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Demos The New Sony C-100 On Vocals And Acoustic Guitar

    It's been quite some time since Sony released the classic C800G microphone. 25 years to be exact! The electronics company has finally followed it up with the announcement of three new microphones, including the recently released Sony C-100 microphone.

    The Sony C-100 is a two-way condenser microphone that features extended frequency response from 20 Hz up to 50 kHz and is perfect for recording vocals, instruments and much more. The microphone utilizes newly created double microphone capsules, a noise elimination structure (similar to the C-800G), and features a selectable pick-up pattern (Omni/Uni/Bi) for miking up different sound sources. Continue reading

  • Hi-Five Studio Earns Mix Class of 2018 Honors And TEC Award Nomination

    Ryan Rosmann just opened Hi-Five Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the end of 2017, and it’s already creating quite the buzz. Hi-Five is currently nominated for a 2019 TEC Award and was recently selected for Mix Magazine’s Class of 2018. Quite the incredible rookie season filled with some stunning accomplishments.

    We recently had the chance to sit down with Ryan and talk about his studio build-out process, the hybrid Rupert Neve Designs console he created with help from Vintage King Audio Consultant Scotty Iulianelli and some of the other gear he picked up from VK. Continue on below to see more photos of one of the hottest new studios to open in 2018. Continue reading

  • Treating Your Acoustics With Vicoustic and Vintage King

    When you imagine building your dream studio you probably fantasize about buying a recording console, some killer compressors and maybe even a tape machine. But truth be told, the first thing any aspiring studio owner should spend their money on is acoustic treatment.

    Proper acoustic treatment is what separates a "home-studio" from a professional facility. Unfortunately, most rooms are not designed with ideal acoustics in mind, so those of us trying to convert existing spaces into studios struggle with outside noise interference, excessive bass frequencies and room nodes.

    Vicoustic is a company that specializes in innovative acoustic solutions. They offer products and services to help you create the most efficient studio space for the most affordable price, everything from building and construction to custom designs. Continue reading

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