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  • Vintage King Works With Adidas To Create Studio For Students In Los Angeles

    A few years ago, Vintage King became involved with an ongoing project called adidas Originals: Sound Lab. Working together with the sneaker company and hip-hop artist Big Sean, Vintage King built out a studio inside Cass Tech Detroit high school featuring a Slate Raven MTIBarefoot MM45sYamaha HS7Antelope Audio Zen Studio and AEA microphones

    In the time since, Vintage King has continued to partner with adidas, including working on their latest project, an adidas Originals: Sound Lab based in Los Angeles. Opened on-site at Alexander Hamilton High School in Culver City, this Sound Lab has been built into a recycled shipping container and is already being used by a group of talented students. Continue reading

  • First Listen: Chase Bliss Audio Thermae

    Since 2013, Joel Korte of Chase Bliss Audio has been blowing the minds of guitar pedal lovers all over the world with his incredible creations like the Warped Vinyl, Tonal Recall and Brothers. With the release of his latest innovation, Thermae, he applies his mantra of "digital brain, analog heart" to a pitch shifter and delay pedal.

    The Thermae is an innovative reimagination of the delay pedal that is so incredibly capable, both in function and tone. With the amount of controls, whether it be knobs, switches or dip switches, the sound options with this pedal are endless. The Thermae showcases an incredible leap in technology, one that leaves you scratching your head when you realize just how far out you can take an analog signal path in 2018. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Introduction To Mastering In The Box


    Mastering is a dark and mysterious art. It’s performed by sage-like engineers with super-human ears and years of experience. They take great mixes and somehow make them even better. They’re able to make the lows deeper, the midrange more punchy, and the highs more brilliant.

    How? What are their secrets? Patience, Padawan. All will be revealed in time. But first, we must answer an age-old question... Continue reading

  • How To Select And Set Up A PA System

    Selecting and setting up a PA system for a live performance can be an overwhelming process. There are the microphones on stage, the mixing console at front of house, the power amps and the speakers. Everything needs to be specifically calibrated otherwise you run the risk of damaging the equipment, or worse, having to cancel the show and refund everyone’s money.

    With all of that being sad, selecting the proper PA is actually much simpler than it seems (Vintage King offers several pre-assembled PA packages), and deciding what is right for you starts with just a few questions. Whether you’re in a band looking to supply your own system for shows, an engineer looking to rent and operate PA systems for events, or even a venue manager looking to upgrade your rig, continue reading below to discover how to choose a PA and set it up. Continue reading

  • How To Get The Raw Country Sounds Of Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson

    Country music has seen a lot of changes over the years. From the ethereal sounds of Hank to the soft countrypolitan style of Patsy and the raucous rhythms of Merle and Buck to the dulcet sounds of Dolly. Heck, country musicians even became pop superstars, thanks to Shania, Garth and Taylor.

    But in the midst of these hyper-produced sugar-coated country-pop mega-hits, some modern country artists are revitalizing the roots of the genre. Artists like Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton have become known for their honest, authentic recordings that find more in common with John Prine and less with Florida Georgia Line. Continue reading

  • Valencia Community College Installs World's Largest Focusrite RedNet Set-Up

    Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida, recently took a huge step into the world of Audio Over IP (AoIP) by installing the world's largest educational Focusrite RedNet set-up. The gear, which was sourced from Vintage King's Chris Bolitho, links together six recording, mixing, mastering and film-sound studios using RedNet Dante interfaces and converters.

    The school's set-up in the brand new Film Production and Sound Technology building features 68 RedNet interfaces. RedNet A16R 16-channel analog I/O interfaces and RedNet D16R 16-Channel interfaces allow digital and analog signals to be seamlessly sent throughout the school, and RedNet HD32R 32-channel Pro Tools HD to Dante bridges allow the Dante system to connect to Pro Tools HD workstations. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Hosts Annual Gear And Beer Summit After Summer NAMM

    After the floor has closed for the final time at the 2018 Summer NAMM Show, the party will head to the Vintage King Nashville showroom for the Gear and Beer Summit. The fourth annual edition of the event, which takes place on Saturday June 30th from 3PM - 7PM, will be an exciting afternoon full of incredible food, tasty drinks, gear demos, panel discussions with guest speakers and more.

    The evening’s headlining conversation will feature Grammy® award-winning producer, mixer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli (U2, Alanis Morissette, Beck, Etta James, Tori Amos, The Killers). Chiccarelli will be interviewed on stage by Mix Magazine Editor Tom Kenny, and sharing industry insights, as well as his approach to working in the studio. Continue reading

  • Willis Sound Expands API 1608 With Help From Vintage King

    In 2017, Ben Lorenz and Phil Magee of Willis Sound revived an old church in the small town of Willis, Michigan, and created a beautiful studio space and live room. With a fantastic mix of analog and digital gear, the studio and crew have been hard at work recording artists, hosting live shows and doing video production.

    With an ever-growing list of clients, Lorenz felt that there was a need to expand the studio's 16-Channel API 1608 console. He called upon Vintage King's Cedric Yee and the Tech Shop team to install API's 16 Channel Expander and build out a patch bay that allowed for recording to the studio's tape machine and Pro Tools rig at the same time.   Continue reading

  • 20 Questions With Catherine Vericolli

    Catherine Vericolli is the owner, engineer and manager of Fivethirteen Recording Studios in Tempe, Arizona. She is a lover of all things analog who has personally headed all console installations and outboard wiring at Fivethirteen since the studio's first console and 2" machine in 2006. She also co-edits Pink Noise Magazine and teaches classes at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences.

    During a rare moment of downtime while on a business trip in Hawaii, Catherine was nice enough to chat with us for our ongoing 20 Questions series. Read on to learn more about her obsession with ribbon mics, what it’s like starting your own studio and the time she met Rupert Neve. Continue reading

  • First Listen: Moog Grandmother Synthesizer

    Prior to Moogfest 2018, Moog Music announced the launch of a new synthesizer, the Moog Grandmother. This semi-modular synthesizer features a built-in arpeggiator, sequencer and spring reverb tank, allowing both novices and synth enthusiasts the ability to use the instrument straight out of the box.

    Vintage King is now taking pre-orders for the Moog Grandmother. Please click here to head to our pre-order page and continue below to watch our new demo of the synthesizer. 

    Moog's latest synth features two analog oscillators with four wave shapes each and a hard sync option that lets you sync the second oscillator to the first. These oscillators are based on the version in the Moog MiniMoog. The synthesizer features an easy-to-use arpeggiator and sequencer, which can store up to three sequences with up to 256 notes each. Continue reading

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