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  • Brokering Your Console With Vintage King

    For over two decades, Vintage King has been one of the world's preeminent purveyors of vintage and used recording consoles. In addition to buying consoles to sell outright, we also provide brokering services. By utilizing our brokering services, we can help clients who would like to avoid the hassles and complexities that can be involved in selling a desk.

    Why choose Vintage King to broker your console? We’ve been a trusted partner in creating thousands of safe transactions for buyers and sellers around the globe for 25 years. Read on to learn more about our brokering process and how we can make it as easy possible for you. Continue reading

  • iZotope Spire Offers New Take On Recording On The Go

    iZotope recently introduced their new interface, the Spire Studio, which gives users an affordable and efficient way to craft songs just about anywhere they go. Instead of simply using your phone to make a demo, the Spire allows you to capture pristine recordings, mix and share, all within their easy-to-use app.

    Let's talk about the specifics of the interface. The Spire Studio features two Grace Design mic pres with XLR/TS combo jacks and a built-in condenser microphone on the front of the unit. Audio recorded through these inputs can be sent straight to the Spire app on your smartphone or tablet via the interface's wireless connection. No cables, no mess, no stress. Continue reading

  • Enter To Win A Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box From Vintage King

    Vintage King and Universal Audio are teaming together to give away the brand new OX Amp Top Box. That's right, one randomly chosen winner will bring home the brand new premium reactive load box and guitar recording system from UA.

    What makes the Ox Amp Top Box so special? This tool allows you to dial in your amp's sweet spot, whether it's clean tones or on the verge of going full-on dirt, and allows you to play it at any volume. Simply, find your favorite settings and allow the load box to do all of the heavy lifting.  Continue reading

  • Vintage King Demos The Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

    Universal Audio has long been known for their incredible analog and digital creations. The OX Amp Top Box brings together the best of both worlds in an innovative tool that will allow guitarists to take their amp's natural sound to another level.

    At its core, the OX acts as a reactive load attenuator, which gives users the ability to channel their amp's sweet spot and then play at a more reasonable volume without changing your tone. By turning the Speaker Volume, you can adjust your output as necessary to the size of the venue you're in, be it bedroom, theatre or stadium. Continue reading

  • Moog Music Announces Limited Release of IIIp Synthesizer

    Synth fans everywhere are rejoicing as Moog Music has announced today that they will be creating a limited edition replica of the classic IIIp Synthesizer. With only 40 new IIIp units available worldwide, this is an extremely limited release. Vintage King has a small number of these synthesizers and we are starting to take pre-orders as of today.

    Pre-Order Your Moog Music IIIp Synthesizer By Clicking Here

    What can you expect from the new IIIp reproduction? As with the other recent systems that Moog has recreated, the brand is dedicated to replicating the original down to the smallest details. Built based on original documentation, circuit board and art files, the IIIp will feature 37 hand-built modules, including 10 901-Series oscillators, the 905 Spring Reverb and the 984 Matrix Mixer. Continue reading

  • Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music Upgrades With Avid S6 + ATC Monitors

    As one of the first major universities in the country to have an audio program, Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music has a time-tested dedication to offering the best education in engineering and production.

    “It started with an internship/mentoring model, and the idea was for it to be as hands-on as possible,” says Jacobs' Assistant Professor of Music Michael Stucker. “From the start of your very first semester, you’re doing a high-quality recording session every week."

    When the school was recently gifted a generous donation, the staff reached out to Vintage King for help in outfitting a new state-of-the-art recording facility. We caught up with Michael Stucker and talked to him about working with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho to bring an Avid S6 control surface and ATC monitors to the studio space. Continue reading

  • How To Prevent Ear Fatigue During The Mixing Process

    Mixing is a process of diminishing returns. You make a lot of improvements very quickly, but you make fewer improvements the longer you mix. Eventually, you actually start doing more harm than good.

    A lot of this is due to ear fatigue. Ear fatigue kind of makes everything sounds the same after awhile. It’s typically caused by extended exposure to loud sounds. Like, oh say… A recording studio. Symptoms include "tiredness, discomfort, pain, and loss of sensitivity."

    So, how do you prevent ear fatigue?

    Continue reading

  • The Year Punk Went Pop: The Making of Green Day's Dookie

    1994 was a weird year in music history. Ace of Base had three of the Top 10 Billboard singles in the US. Kurt Cobain died. Left Eye burned down that mansion. Oh, and three different major labels got in a bidding war over a band who wrote songs about smoking pot and masturbation.

    Earlier this month, Green Day's Dookie turned 24-years-old, but it's youthful exuberance and pop prowess still seems fresh all these years later. Read on to get insight into how three Berkeley punks were able to create a modern punk masterpiece in the era of grunge domination. Continue reading

  • All Wired Up: Studio Installs With SkinnyFish Audio

    When Vintage King began plotting our Nashville brick and mortar location, we knew we wanted an expertly wired studio-like facility for customers to check out our selection of gear. Enter Mike Rhodes of SkinnyFish Audio.

    While Rhodes originally set out to become a staff engineer at Ocean Way Studios, he fell into working with the facility's Chief Technical Engineer Sal Greco. Under Greco's leadership, Rhodes helped plot out and build the famous studio, which would become the first of many outstanding rooms on his resume.

    In the time since, Rhodes has collaborated with Vintage King on more incredible installs and wiring projects including our Nashville showroom, The Parlor New Orleans, Haxton Road Studios and Tuff Gong International. We recently chatted with Rhodes to learn more about his work process, the studios he's helped build and the impact that wiring a room correctly can have on your workflow. Continue reading

  • The World of Sending Audio Over IP

    With the announcement of more SoundGrid and Dante-enabled gear at NAMM 2018, including the Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 and Apogee Symphony, the world of sending audio over IP has blown wide open.

    The push towards sending audio over IP has been around as long as road crews and sound engineers have been carrying cables for every single input and output in their rigs. How does this technology help deliver pristine sound and save on chiropractor bills? Continue reading to learn about the many benefits of sending audio over IP. Continue reading

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