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  • 20 Questions With Scott Hull Of Masterdisk

    The mastering process of a record has always seemed to be one of the more elusive parts of the music industry. What exactly are they doing? Why is it necessary? How do they do what they do? Mastering engineer Scott Hull wants to clear up some of the rumors for everyone.

    Based in Peekskill, New York, Hull is the owner of Masterdisk and has worked with the who's who of the music world; Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Steely Dan, Madonna, Whitney Houston, The Rolling Stones and many more. He has seen and done it all throughout his illustrious career. Continue reading

  • Marc Urselli Talks Mixing And ADAM Audio At Vintage King Nashville

    ADAM Audio and Vintage King Nashville are teaming together to present a special evening with producer, engineer and mixer Marc Urselli. A long-time studio veteran, Marc has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including U2, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed and Nick Cave.

    During the event, Marc will be deconstructing a mix from a recent session and showing off how he achieved the final results in Pro Tools. He will be discussing his workflow, the vision he had for the track and the decisions he made for the mix. Continue reading

  • Pharaoh's Dance: The Making Of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew

    In the 1960s, jazz was considered “commercially dead.” The most popular genre of the past three decades had finally given way to the more successful sounds of rock music.

    By then, Miles Davis had already made significant contributions to jazz music. He laid the groundwork for cool jazz in the early 1950s with Birth of Cool, and in 1959 he released the best-selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue. Yet, his most groundbreaking work still lay ahead.   Continue reading

  • Vintage King Giving Away An Audiolinear Axis Monitor Controller

    The AXIS is a new monitor controller from Audiolinear that is completely passive with zero electronics inside. What does that mean for you? It means that the AXIS offers the most transparent signal possible with no interference or distortion in the monitor path.

    Created by Audiolinear owner Steve Begg, a veteran designer who has worked for Neve, the AXIS is a fantastic monitor controller option for any studio. Throughout the next month, we will be offering pro audio fans the chance to enter to win their own AXIS. Continue reading

  • Finishing The Master And Cutting A Record On The Road To Vinyl

    The final installment of Universal Audio's Road To Vinyl finds us heading to The Bakery in Los Angeles, California. The famed mastering facility, which is located at Sony Picture Studios, is owned and operated by renowned engineer Eric Boulanger who has worked with Green Day, Colbie Caillat, Hozier and many more.

    While we were at The Bakery, Boulanger mastered the track, "Hold Your Hand To The Fire" by The War on Peace, exclusively using plug-ins from Universal Audio. Afterward, he takes the final track and heads to The Bakery's in-house lathe to cut straight to vinyl. Continue reading

  • The Do's and Don'ts of Being an Assistant Engineer

    Before bedroom producers and YouTube videos took over the music business, there was a clear path to success for aspiring audio engineers. When you think about it, it's kind of ironic, because there was no formal training like there is today.

    Instead, those interested in the craft of audio engineering would go into apprenticeship mode. They would start as interns or runners and learn on the job, eventually working their way up to an assistant engineer position. Continue reading

  • First Listen: ADAM Audio T Series Monitors

    If you’re looking for a quality set of active studio monitors on a budget, look no further than ADAM Audio. Over the past week, I've got to spend some quality time with their new line of T Series studio monitors, the T7V and T5V. I’m pretty blown away with how ADAM Audio was able to provide such quality sound at such a friendly price point.

    When you’re first starting out, you more than likely don’t have an insane budget for professional grade monitors, so you try and get the best ones you can and make due with what you have. Of all the monitors I’ve tried in this price range, I personally think the new line of ADAM Audio speakers far surpasses anything in their class. Continue reading

  • Getting The Washed Out Vocal Sounds Of Kurt Vile And The War On Drugs

    A while back on the blog, we covered how to get huge, breathy, colorful, rich vocal sounds like Damien Rice, Ray Lamontagne and Beck. It inspired more than a few people to send in questions to Vintage King and we're super excited to start doing more blogs where we break down how to get the sounds of your favorite artists.

    For the next blog in this how-to series, we're taking a look at the sound of the current class of indie rockers who are riding high on the charts. A question submitted by Carlos R. asks, “How do you get that warm, spacey, washed-out vocal tone you hear from artists like Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, The War on Drugs and Bon Iver?" Continue reading

  • The Best Books On Recording And Mixing

    "Books are for nerds. I haven't read a book since high school. Why would I read a book when I could just watch tutorials on YouTube?”

    — An unsuccessful audio engineer

    Successful engineers in the music industry are lifelong learners. It doesn't matter if you have a degree in the recording arts and sciences, or even if you've cut 100 records — there's always room to learn something new. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Returns To NAB In Las Vegas

    NAB, the ultimate event for media and content creation, will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 10-12 and Vintage King will be there. Join us for an incredible opportunity to see the latest offerings for broadcast, post-production and digital media professionals.

    For the 2018 NAB Show, we've beefed up our booth and are featuring more gear than ever before. We will be exhibiting at Booth #N7125 in the North Hall and showcasing new products from our some our fantastic partners. Continue reading

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