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  • Buyer’s Guide: API Audio 1608-II Console

    API 1608-II Recording Console

    API Audio remains at the leading edge of small format analog console design with their newest offering – the 1608-II. Expanding on the architecture of their ever popular 1608 console, which helped revolutionize the analog project studio, API Audio has brought out its latest iteration, the Mk II.

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  • Buyer’s Guide: API Audio 2448 Console

    API 2448 Recording Console

    API Audio remains at the forefront of the analog console domain with their newest offering, the 2448 recording console. Drawing on the heritage of their classic 2488 console, which dominated the LA recording world in the 1970s and 1980s, API Audio has brought out a worthy successor to the legend.

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  • Chandler Limited Introduces New TG Microphone

    Chandler Limited has always been known for their incredible analog hardware. However, with the release of the new TG Microphone, the brand is also solidifying their reputation for creating outstanding mics.

    Coming hot on the heels of the highly successfully EMI REDD Microphone, the TG Microphone is a solid-state large diaphragm condenser mic. Once again, Chandler Limited is giving you the option to alter your sound at the source by giving the microphone a plethora of on-board tools. Continue reading

  • 20 Questions With Piper Payne

    Piper Payne is the Owner and Chief Mastering Engineer of Neato Mastering, and a Co-Founder and the Chief Product Officer for Second Line Vinyl. An avid enthusiast of audio education, Piper has worked with the SF Chapter of the Recording Academy, the P&E Wing Advisory Council, AES SF Chapter and Women's Audio Mission. On top of all that, Piper has found time to master music for nationally renowned artists like Third Eye Blind, Madame Gandhi and Geographer.

    Recently, Piper was able to take some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us for our ongoing 20 Questions series. Read on to learn more about how she got started mastering, her innovative incogNEATO: Remix service and her penchant for Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Continue reading

  • Manley Labs' EveAnna Manley Talks Tubes, Innovation + More

    Manley Laboratories has been producing world-class tube gear for professional engineers since the late 1980s. Known for creating legendary studio equipment like the Variable Mu Limiter-Compressor, Massive Passive EQ and Reference Cardioid Microphone, Manley has become one of the music industry’s most revered manufacturers.

    We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with EveAnna Manley, the company's President, and chatting about the past, present and future of Manley Laboratories. Read on to learn about EveAnna’s journey from inventory manager to president, some sage management advice, and what sets Manley Labs apart from other pro audio companies. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Goes Live In The D With WDIV

    Earlier today, Vintage King took over the WDIV Detroit newsroom for a segment on their Live In The D morning broadcast. We brought along a bevy of vintage gear and their modern counterparts, including the Neumann U67 (Neumann 67 Reissue), Fairchild 670 (UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670 MII), Townsend Sphere L22 and the new Moog One.

    Prior to the live shoot featuring Vintage King's President Ryan McGuire and Audio Consultant Brandon Murphy, WDIV ran a segment offering a look at the inner workings of our company. The news team came to the Vintage King Tech Shop and we had the opportunity to show off how we restore vintage and used gear to their classic condition. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review Of The Moog One Synthesizer

    For years, synthesizer fans have been asking the question, "When will Moog release a new polyphonic analog synth?" Ask (to the point of exhaustion), and you shall receive, synth community! Meet the brand new Moog One polyphonic synthesizer.

    While designing their first polyphonic analog synth in over 30 years, it's apparent that Moog held nothing back in regards to its sheer number of features. The Moog One is the result of years of research and development and its expansive palette of sonic colors will be a shock to those who have been waiting with baited breath. Continue reading

  • Around The Shop: RCA 44-BX

    In terms of ribbon microphones, there may be no more important or recognizable model than the RCA 44-BX. The microphone, which was made from 1932 through 1955, is a stylish icon that has often been imitated but rarely outdone in terms of musicality.

    Fortunately, we get to see a lot of RCA 44-BX microphones come through the Vintage King Tech Shop. Some come to the shop in pretty bad shape and others fair slightly better, which is pretty remarkable considering these mics have been at work for at least 60 years. Continue reading

  • New AEA KU5A Reimagines BK-5 With Supercardioid Pattern

    The new AEA KU5A serves as a reminder that the brand has always been known for creating incredible ribbon microphones. Once again, inspiration comes in the form of a classic RCA mic, but this time, AEA is giving their new microphone a sonic quality all its own.

    For the KU5A, AEA looked to the form factor of the RCA BK-5. The end-address design microphone was originally released in the mid-1950s and was primarily used at TV and radio stations. The microphone has been a recording studio staple in the decades since, as its lightweight body and uniaxial design enables users to have a more directional focus on the sound source. Continue reading

  • The Analog Color Of The New Solid State Logic Fusion

    The brand new Solid State Logic Fusion side-steps the brand's classic transparency by offering up some unique coloring tools for engineers. The five distinct analog processors of the Fusion have been designed with hybird studios in mind and will offer warmth, depth, color and more to your digital recordings.

    We were fortunate enough to have Solid State Logic's Fadi Hayek recently stop by the Vintage King studio room and give us a walkthrough of the Fusion's features. Watch our new video below to hear all five of the Fusion's coloring tools at work and gain more insight into the unit. Continue reading

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