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Barefoot Sound Footprint01 3-Way Active Studio Monitor - Pair

Compact, 3-way active nearfield monitor pair with MEME voice emulation

Product Description

The Barefoot Sound Footprint01 powered near field monitor is the latest design from Barefoot Sound. Ideal for engineers, producers and musicians in smaller studios, the Footprint01 utilizes the same advanced technology as the MicroMain and MasterStack series monitors to deliver Barefoot’s signature sound in a compact, affordable package.


The Footprint01 is an active 3-way reference monitor equipped with four class-leading drivers for an extended frequency range from 36 Hz - 45 kHz. Two 8-inch paper cone subwoofers utilize Barefoot’s patented Dual-Force technology to eliminate cabinet vibrations and reduce unwanted distortion. A 4-inch aluminum cone driver delivers a focused, detailed midrange, while the 1-inch dual ring radiating tweeter offers silky-smooth highs with an extremely wide sweet spot.


The Footprint01 features a state-of-the-art DSP crossover, which feeds two Class D amplifiers and a passive crossover network between the midrange driver and tweeter for clean, balanced sound. And with 500 W of power to the subs and an additional 150 W for the midrange driver and tweeter, the Footprint01 packs a powerful punch in a compact frame.


All Barefoot Sound studio monitors are equipped with Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation, or MEME technology, which uses sophisticated DSP processing to emulate the sound of a wide range of classic studio monitors. Quickly reference your tracks on three additional monitor profiles and ensure your mixes will translate to any environment.

“Old School” mode emulates the sound of the iconic Yamaha NS10M monitors with an edgy, midrange-forward sound. The “Cube” setting is modeled after the legendary Auratone Sound Cube, giving your mixes a boxy, lo-fi sound. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the “Hi-Fi” setting emulates the sound of consumer hi-fi systems with a sweet high-end and warm midrange. And of course, the “flat” setting delivers the signature Barefoot sound that engineers, producers and musicians around the world have grown to know and love.


  • Description: 3-way active monitor with MEME voice emulation
  • Controls: Input level stepped attenuator, MEME voice select
  • Audio Input: Balanced XLR, 50 kOhm Impedance
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB @ 1 meter with -15 dBV input signal (level control set to 0 dB)
  • Frequency Response: 36 Hz – 45 kHz (±3 dB), 45 Hz – 40 kHz (± 1dB)
  • Bass Response: -3 dB @ 36 Hz, Q = 0.707, Slope = 18 dB/octave
  • Cabinet: 18 liters total internal volume, sealed woofer and midrange enclosures, machined aluminum baffle plate, long fiber wool acoustic damping throughout
  • Crossover Frequencies: 250 / 3600 Hz (Passive crossover between Midrange and Tweeter)
  • Tweeter: 1″ ring radiator, low distortion motor, rear waveguide chamber
  • Midrange: 4.0″ aluminum cone, aluminum phase plug, low distortion motor, ±3.5 mm linear excursion
  • Woofers: 8″ paper cone, ±9.5 mm linear excursion
  • High Frequency Amplifier: 150W
  • Low Frequency Amplifier: 500 W
  • AC Mains Power Input: 85 VAC to 265 VAC
  • Power Consumption: Idle: 2 W, Maximum: 765 W
  • Weight: Speaker: 35 lb each (16 kg)
  • Shipping: 44.5 lb each (20.2 kg)
  • Dimensions H x W x D: Cabinet: 14 x 9.5 x 13.0 in (356 x 241 x 330 mm)
  • Overall: 14 x 10.25 x 13.6 in (356 x 260 x 345 mm)

Product Specifications

Condition New
Length 13.6 in
Width 10.25 in
Height 14 in
Unit Weight 35 lb
Active or Passive Active
Monitor Application Near-Field
driver_sizes Tweeter: 1: ring radiator / Midrange: 4" aluminum cone / Woofers: 8" paper cone
Number of Speakers Pair
Input Connectors Analog XLR
Amp Wattage HF: 150 W / LF: 500 W
Impedance 50 kOhms
Frequency Range 36 Hz - 45 kHz (±3 db)

Product Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (57)

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Amazing monitors, big sound, Meme Technology is awesome, love these monitors!

By Zander A on May 28, 2020

These are crazy. I listened to just about everything under $20k and these were my favorite. Great low end, super clear mid, no ports, I feel like I get the mid focus of NS10s, but with plenty of low end, and more high end detail.

By Scott R on May 14, 2020

Incredible detail. Real Barefoot sound - a modern classic!

By Alex C on May 12, 2020

These sound great. The extended low end is extremely helpful and I’m hearing a mid range and extended high frequency range I’ve never heard before on nearfiled minitors. My only issue is that the back plates of the speaker pair that I got rattles like a snare to 650hz for some reason. I’m hoping to get it fixed because it is bothersome listening off axis I don’t believe they designed them to have that issue. It is definitely frustrating.

By Tom P on May 7, 2020

I had the bm5as. They sounded great but translated terribly. I had the hs-8 and they translated a little better but once I got the barefoots everything got better. When I would open mixes I did on the hs8s I would immediately hear tons of problems in the mid-range. The barefoot's opened up my mixes and made them sound bigger and wider. The Yamaha were in a sense making things sound more mono. They tend to make me mix things to make vocals and the top end more silky sounding. You really don't need a sub with them.

By Bryan T on May 3, 2020

Bought the Footprint 01s to sit with my longtime JBL LSR4326Ps+Sub and NS-10M Studio's.....it took only 2 days of using these and now my old 2 sets of speakers haven't been turned on since then. The low end sounds more solid and clear than my room tuned JBL 12" subwoofer, there is more detail in the mid range and highs, almost akin to the revealing qualities of the NS-10 but with insane clarity and no 1-2kbump. Speaking of NS-10, the NS-10 mode is way more helpful than I had imagined. I find I start my mixes in that mode, then check bass/polish it off in the Flat response mode. Worth every penny. As stated by other reviewers: you don't hear the speaker, you just hear the music.
Barefoot has done something amazing with this speaker.

By Andy S on April 28, 2020

I was on the fence with these as I could not hear them in a test room before purchase. I’m coming from the Adam S Series and I have to say the Footprints are in a league of their own. I don’t mean to hype these up as everyone is different and ultimately how you hear sound and perceive sound while working is up to you.
Personally, these speakers have brought something special to my listening environment. I’ve never experienced a listening experience where I could close my eyes and just hear the music, and not the speakers. I hope that makes sense. These speakers just disappear when you’re using them. All you hear is the music and it’s a beautiful feeling. Hats off to Thomas Barefoot and his team. You guys got me for life. Will be looking into mm27s one day ; )

By Jakub B on April 27, 2020

Amazing! I can hear every frequency detail, depth and dynamics of the mix with accuracy that translates. 100% sold sorry Vintage King but I will not be returning these☝️😎

By Justin A on March 24, 2020

Great sound. Glad I got them!

By Tamara H on March 16, 2020

I’m hearing things I’ve never heard! The low end is extremely tight and extended, while the top is detailed, smooth and again... extended! Love them!

By Dwelling P on February 12, 2020

These are fantastic

By Kalani H on February 5, 2020

Great speakers

By Francesco L on February 5, 2020

I'm very happy with my Barefoot Sound Footprint speakers. It was a great upgrade. It was time for me to move up to a 3 way monitor and these fit the bill. The sound is clear, accurate and even. The upper mids are articulate. I can hear and find things I didn't know were there. The depth and stereo field seemed almost magical at first. A slight EQ move can now pull an instrument to the front of the ensemble. This is my first experience owning real pro level monitors and I am a believer. I record a mix of classical chamber music, acoustic singer songwriter stuff and experimental improv/electro acoustic sound art. Along with a steady stream of remote pedalsteel overdubs. (I'm a pedalsteel player primarily) In any case it was well worth the investment and the advice I got from Vintage King was honest and informative.

By Bob H on January 22, 2020

I have been using the Focal Twin6 Be monitors for about the last 6 years and have been mostly happy but always wished they had more low end (never managed to justify getting the matching sub). I have heard/read the hype around the Barefoot brand and well sorry but it is true. These are really great speakers and were totally worth making the switch. So fun to sit back and rediscover mixes/songs I've listened to many times over the years and find new sonic territory.

By Billy C on January 13, 2020

Previous Monitors owned/used:
Genelec 8030+7260ASAM, KRK rokit 8/Vr8, B&W 805(+DSP), Fostex PM641+SUB

Room size: 18ft x 16ft x 9.5ft, partially treated w/ full heigh bass traps & about 25% broadband absorption panels.

I make electronic music. For under 2K/ea, these are the most sonic accuracy and excitement I've had, per dollar, from a speaker.

I'm sure their MicroMain45's are nice, but holy F*ck...these monitors... once tamed, sound as close to full mains as I (dare say) need. They go LOW. They let me hear all my accidental synthesizer low-end build up, they let me hear when my kicks get a bit too ridiculously big, and they let me hear very quickly when creative basic analog & digital EQ changes dip into the phase distortion range. I have a Genelec 7260A that goes flat to 19Hz at my listening levels, but it's currently for sale on craigslist, and I haven't even considered adding it in to extend the low response. 35hz, if you're creating modern music to play back to modern audiences, is really low enough, for everyone but the mastering engineer.

The accuracy and time-aligned detail that these monitors reveal is, without a doubt, worth the sticker price. There is either lukewarm or nil response about the MEME system, but I'm going on record by saying it's becoming an increasingly useful tool for me. All I will say about their actual performance is that, TL:DR: they are so accurate that you can do many things with them, beyond *flat* accurate monitoring for your DAW. They are so accurate that they allow me to, for the first time in my studio time, be creative with the monitoring process of my music-making. Let me explain, by getting in to the useful, but the not-so-magic, MEME system:

The NS-10 setting gives you enough "honk" pronunciation in the speaker's output that the distracting bass and treble detail fade to the background, letting you set volume levels between the elements that compete in the delicate 1-4Khz range. This is the place that virtually all consumer playback systems exhibit (at minimum) a lack of response or (generally, and at worst) extreme dips and spikes. This applies even more in current day to the sea of consumer playback devices: Phones, phone earbuds, cars, Bluetooth speakers, etc... volume level mixing is VERY critical here, ever-more-so than the heyday of NS10 mixing...

The CUBE setting, to be honest, seems a bit lazy, turning the side woofers off (below 250hz), and activating a low-pass filter to curb frequencies above 12K. It does helps me approximate a "small" speaker's frequency limitations, but in a crude way. I feel like they should have sampled a dozen or two Amazon Alexa and small sub-$100 bluetooth speakers to get a more modern frequency response. Flat response 12K is way too high for most of what actually sells in the current era of crap consumer speakers. This is a small nitpick. This setting is great if you studio is also you bedroom, and you live in a manner prohibiting 24hour vibrating walls. Jokes aside, I have a bedroom studio in an expensive city, with roommates, so falling asleep to music frequently requires the CUBE setting so that I don't accidentally vibrate my roommates awake with significant amounts of bass.

The HIFI setting, at first, seems pointless. It slightly (just a couple dB) scoops out the midrange, & boosts the treble, by about a decibel. The bass response is smeared a tad, to mimic a bass-ported speaker. This setting is growing on me as well- ported designs in the consumer realm are the rule rather than the exception, so this setting helps you understand your bass and your kicks to a smart degree, giving you a realistically-timed *THUD* on anything low and fast, which will help you sort out the low-end density of a mix, and keep it clean and clear enough to get your *GROOVE* across to the most people possible.

TL:DR: Yes.

By Sean on January 12, 2020

Absolute game changer!

By Nicole E on January 9, 2020

I had been wanting to upgrade to the footprints for a few years now and I can confirm that the decision was definitely worth it. Within a few weeks a could tell a huge difference in my production and mixes then on previous monitoring systems. These speakers have a really clear frequency spectrum and are just fun to work on!

By Jonathan S on December 12, 2019

The Barefoot Footprints not only deliver the precision needed to hear every single nuance, they’re also great speakers to enjoy music on and deliver a wide sound stage that make listeners outside of the hotspot get in on all the musical excitement as well. Must say that, like any speaker, break-in is needed to get to the full sonic experience. And last but not least the speaker curve selector is genius - for all practical purposes you can clear all the speaker clutter from your desk.

By Pieter F on December 9, 2019

Quite &simply it’s hard find a monitor with proper mid range and this product gives you it while also giving you great low end. These are a great value too, you get the cube, old school, flat, and hi fi modes via dsp controller. I stick on flat and sometimes old school. The only other monitors I’ve heard compare to these are exactly 2x the price. If you’re a foh engineer these are by far the best “living room pre production” speakers you can get. The low end is great!!!! Buy em now do it!

By Blair B on December 8, 2019

When I made the first scratch on my new monitors and took it to the car, I was almost crying. I couldn’t believe that was my sound! I felt like those people in the videos that got their hearing device for the first time. I felt like I was deaf my entire life before these monitors.
I can hear so many details in popular songs that I coudn’t hear before! The depth they provide is amazing. I can hear the exact position of each element in the song.
These monitors are amazing for making dance music. I can finally hear the bass, the sub, the kick very well.
One of the factors that made me buy Barefoot Foorprint was that I read in reviews they can be used in a room without perfect treatment. And that is true. My room cannot be treated well, but I read my monitors very well.
Another factor that motivated me based on reviews was that if your mix sounds good on these monitors, it will be readable on other devices. And for sure, if you hear all the elements of your track on Barefoot, they will be audible on other devices.
I’m happy with my purchase.

By Flaviya K on November 17, 2019

Years and Years with other amazing studio monitors. These Barefoots beat them all. I'm hearing things I've never heard. I own two pairs of these now... just stunning....

By Charles D on November 4, 2019

Love these monitors 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

By Vidal D on October 21, 2019


By Ari S on October 2, 2019

I love these monitors!

By Michael S on August 29, 2019

One of those "I should have done this a few years ago" upgrades. With years of experience on the MM27, I knew Barefoot made an incredible product - these definitely stack up to their big brethren, though I sit a little closer and the sweet spot isn't quite as large. Worth it to spend the time properly aligning them - the speakers, monitors, outboard gear, even the quirks of my room all vanish and a gorgeous stereo field reveals itself. My mixes translate better, are finished faster, and allow me to make more exciting on-the-fly decisions.

By Tanner C on August 21, 2019

The low end is incredible

By Oscar V on August 15, 2019

These are incredible monitors! We have a pair of the mm27’s in our main room, and the Footprints are the perfect choice for smaller “b” rooms. The selector is really handy and I really can’t recommend these speakers enough!

By Patrick S on August 4, 2019

Simply the most important purchase I’ve made for my studio. Detailed and accurate. After a while I don’t even notice the speakers are there..these monitors just send me what I need to hear and that’s it. Also in love with the meme technology.

By Armon on July 29, 2019

As soon as I started referencing old sessions and mixes, I started to realize how off I was. These Barefoots make you battle to get it right, and the final product translates across car systems to iPhone speakers.

By Justin on July 28, 2019

Love every aspect of the BAREFOOT SOUND 👍🏽

By Cary D on July 24, 2019

Buy them. Just do it. You’ll thank me later.

By Josh B on July 10, 2019

My mixes have greatly improved since I've had these. Being able to switch between different reference monitor emulations has been an incredible tool. The low end is super tight. You can just trust them!

By Dylan P on July 3, 2019

It’s been more than a month and I am still blown away by the level of detail in the mids, the sense of space and depth of the footprint 01. I’m still getting use to them but the more mixes I do using these monitors, the more I am realizing there is so much less second guessing. The way it sounds at the studio is the way it sounds on what use to be my go to places to check mixes, ie car, system at home, Bose speaker, etc. The mixes translate very well. However, the time I’m saving seems to be being spent on listening to favorite albums for hours and hearing things in those mixes i never heard before! I am so happy with this purchase. Definitely an investment but well worth the money.

By Bill B on June 12, 2019

You get lots of information with these speakers. For the it’s a nice package, but it’s not everything. If you can buy an even better pair, like there mm27’s just get them. This monitor is like an expensive warm up. I don’t regret this purchase at all. The emulation of other speakers is cool but I don’t jump to it a ton.

By Khari M on June 2, 2019

Amazing detail and precision! After a couple of months with them, they can be slightly fatiguing at medium to loud volumes. However, I have never heard a near field monitor have more three demensionnatlity, accuracy in translation of mixes, and low end extension than these speakers. Just wish I bought them sooner.

By Andrew G on May 19, 2019

Compared to my previous monitors, everything sounds so effortless and revealing. They're quite neutral even prior to calibration in my largely treated room with Sonarworks except for the fact I'm going to need some additional bass traps! Highly recommended in their price range, and one of the best before the pricing starts to go into the stratosphere.

By Benjamin H on May 19, 2019

Such Nice tight bottom they have and vey revealing

By DONALD R on May 19, 2019

The depth and clarity of these speakers just blow me away.You can hear every frequency with out it being harsh or muddy.One of the best investments to date for my studio.The power these things have is incredible,makes playing guitar easy while listening to the mix or backing tracks.I will recommend these to all my friends.

Toastedjam studio.
Rochester NY.

By James S on March 27, 2019

Hopefully this helps anyone that was like me going crazy looking for reviews on these. In the past 7 years I’ve been on my “tonequest” starting off with some Yamaha hs7 then I moved on to Neumann kh120 and finally these barefoots. Along with sonar works I believe these monitors will stay for a very long time. Everything translates well and there isn’t any second guessing. Bass is tight. Highs aren’t shrill. Mids are just right. When I listen to some references it lets me know exactly what’s going on and what I need to adjust. To me time is everything, I’ve done the reference on 7 speakers, an iPhone, a trip to the car, home theater references thing and I’ve always said to myself there had to be a better way. Honestly these have replaced all of my monitors. Try them out if you can in the store and see for yourself if you can. I had to go to LA to try them out myself (coming from ny) and I’m glad I did. In my studio I do everything. In the morning I could be working on a contemporary Christian song with a full band and at night I’ll be doing trap music. I needed speakers that will work with everything, not just do a thing. I love tracking guitars and drums through these!! Thank you so much Chris karn. He was super patient and everything was awesome along the process!

By Rony on March 24, 2019

I’ve been doing this recording thing for a pretty long time. (Will be 20 years this fall. Ugh. Getting old) I played some well known material through these, and I found myself staring off into space, mouth agape, for a pretty long time. I could hear everything. There was so much depth and separation. I anticipated these being a marginal upgrade, but they really blew me away.

By Justin G on March 6, 2019

Absolutely amazing!

More than 20 years in the mixing with different pairs of monitors. These have changed the way I reference. More accuracy, clarity and real transfer. Pleasant and forgiving in tough environments like home studios. Rich full bass with detailed highs. Truly a pleasure to work with these masterpieces.

By Adrian F on February 8, 2019

The Barefoot Footprint 01 monitors are excellent. I had a pair of Focal SM9’s previously and at half the price, I’m not missing anything. In fact, I think the Footprint 01’s are more revealing especially when it comes to hearing distortion. I’m very happy with this purchase. I wish these existed 5 years ago. I do NOT recommend the Sound Anchors stands for these monitors. Total garbage. Seriously disappointed with the SA stands. I will never buy sound anchors again based on these.

By Jason S on February 7, 2019

These are the best. I have no words capable of explaining to you how many years of speakers I’ve gone through until I found the perfect balance of everything. No words. These are the ones.

By Eric F on February 7, 2019

Try to beat barefoot. You can’t. Best monitors ever. End.

By Eddie O on February 6, 2019

Great product. Amazing sound stage! Absolutely worth it.

By Bryan D on January 23, 2019

I absolutely love these monitors,. Ithe stereo imaging is good on these but I wish it was little better. They are still great!!

By Heshima S on January 22, 2019

Amazing sound , great reference, deep lows and crystal clear highs

By Andrea F on January 16, 2019

Couldn’t be happier with these monitors, the image and depth of these speakers are just what I needed for my home studio, I’ve had other monitors I loved and I was skeptical about the barefoot since Ithey don’t have the room control, my studio has an assimetrical shape so I had to spend a lot of money for the acoustic, after treating my room my old monitors still had some unbalances between lows and highs. I thought I was not able to fix the room and not able to mix or master unless I would change studio.
The engineer at Vintage king referred me those speakers as the flattest on their budget, I gave it a shot and today I’m super satisfied with the purchase. They sound amazing in my room, the low end is incredible and the amount of details allow me to do way better mixes and mastering.

By Michele P on January 16, 2019

These monitors are quite amazing. I’ve run frequency tests from 20-20khz and you can hear it all! I hooked up my turntable and played a ton of music through them, mostly older stuff like Supertramp, Stealey Dan, Yes, The Beatles, Carol King, etc. Incredible imaging, super great tight bottom end, transparent highs that aren’t too harsh, and the mids sound really beautiful. Balanced. The MEME feature is pretty amazing. The boxes are constructed of some sort of plastic composite material that does not vibrate, like...AT ALL!! So all of the sound is coming from the speakers themselves with little or no transfer of vibration or noise through the boxes or monitor stands into the floor. Every musician, client, friend, and relative of mine that has heard these things are absolutely blown away by how unbelievable they sound. When I was looking to buy it was between these and the Adam Audio S2V’s. After listening to them side by side at the Vintage King Nashville location the choice was obvious. These blew everything in the same price range out of the water, including the Focal, Adam, Genelec, and Neumann monitors in the same price range. I would rate these a 10 out of 10 all day.

By Philip D on January 15, 2019

WOW WOW WOW! Just the right 3 way Monitor for the right price!
The mid range details, open top and low end power makes it all the monitor I was looking for.
The MEME helps give the ear a rest for long sessions allowing more time with mixing and production. I appreciate how loud they can go without red lights bleeding, they pound.

Thanks to Scott for guiding me to the right monitors and the team for great customer service.
These FootPrints 01 have helped take my mixes and production to the next level!
Worth the investment.

By Jay O on January 6, 2019

Absolutely in love with these monitors. My only regret is not purchasing them sooner. I can finally hear the true mix of a record and have it translate properly across a variety of systems. The highs and mids are crisp and revealing and the sub is clear, powerful, and defined. I can't recommend these enough.

By John P on January 2, 2019

Best monitors ever

By Lucas R on November 28, 2018

Barefoot Footprint01 monitors are all that I expected. The perfect monitors for my control room.

By Affinteon O on November 27, 2018

I have been through a ton of different monitor setups in my mixing career and I can say without a doubt that these are the best pair of monitors I have ever owned. The accuracy in the midrange is impeccable, the bass response is tight, and the speaker modeling is spot on. I own a pair of NS10s and avantone mix cubes and I am amazed at how well the MEME technology models these speakers. I would highly recommend these! Thanks VK!

By Ryan Sweeney on September 12, 2018

Same great Barefoot sound for an affordable price. Not dealing with multiple monitor setups has made life easier as well. Incredible happy with these!

By Matt Sal on February 1, 2018

I've been dreaming about a pair of Barefoot speakers for years but just couldn't afford them. The Footprint produces that sound at a price I was able to figure out. So happy I did!

By Jon W on May 2, 2017

I couldn't be happier with the speakers or VK's customer service. Thanks!!

By J. Douglas on May 1, 2017

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How do you rate this product?
I would like to thank VK for the wonderful sales assistance, service and prices. This was my first purchase with you and it won't be my last. I only wish I'd discovered you years ago!
Matthew R.
I had two Grammy wins this year - Ray LaMontagne & Carolina Chocolate Drops. Both made with help from Vintage King!
Ryan F.
In almost 20 years in Pro audio buying, never did I receive a unit so well packed and exactly as described. Works flawlessly. The whole process has been so smooth. I will never hesitate to do business with you guys in the future and will recommend you to everyone I know.
Martin C.
This was my first experience buying something from Vintage King (although I surf the "used" categories on the website frequently!), and, despite being on the other side of the world, I had absolutely no trouble and everything went very smoothly.
Phil T.
The speed of delivery exceeded my expectations! I was VERY pleased that my shipment arrived in time for a scheduled vocal tracking session. The packing insured that my order arrived safely. And the sales staff responded quickly to questions regarding the product.
James P.
Thank you so much! Vintage King has been so fair and easy to work with. I can't thank you enough. It feels good to trust such a hefty purchase to folks who are so helpful and knowledgeable. Vintage King is a sound designers dream store.
Noa L.
You guys have excellent customer service and I am excited about the next upgrade I complete on my fifth recording facility. I've been in the studio business for forty plus years. The salesman I worked with at Vintage King was the best of the best. You all rock!
Robby T.
I would recommend Vintage King to any one looking for top-class gear, unbeatable customer service and the best prices on the map!
Jake D.
My experience with Vintage King was excellent. The order was here fast considering it was out of stock. The sales person had SKB send it to me directly and I couldn't have been more pleased.
Michael D.
From the minute I placed my order I was kept well-informed through each step in your process. Even though I was buying a comparatively modest piece of gear, your attention to detail made me feel like I was purchasing a six-figure mixing desk.
Thomas W.
I am a new customer of yours. You guys provided me the absolute best deals in ordering all the equipment to power my brand new recording studio. Your customer service is amazing and i will always deal with you from here on out.
Rob M.
Thanks for your great service and getting this out today. You guys really are the Kings!
Alan B.
Better than expected! Truly impeccable service. Your team was professional, knowledgeable, provided speedy delivery above and beyond standard. Vintage King Audio is definitely my go to for all of my audio and information needs.
James O.