Scotty Iulianelli

Scotty Iulianelli

Audio Consultant

Detroit, MI

248.591.9276 x199

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Born and bred on the musical history of the Motor City, Scotty Iulianelli used his mom’s record collection like a sonic tour guide to discover Bob Seger, Alice Cooper and The Stooges. However, it was the powerful twin guitar attack of the MC5 that taught him the most important lesson; play like you mean it and don't be too self-critical.

Finding his musical inspiration from new sounds and experimentation, Scotty uses happy accidents to spark creative thinking. As a result, he's spent much of his time pairing up different combinations of gear, something that makes him ideal for helping customers find new sounds. "I like to put myself in other's shoes when helping them get the sound they are looking for," Scotty says. "So far, I have never worn the same shoes twice at Vintage King."

Getting his start co-engineering his middle school punk bands, the life-long musician began using reel-to-reel machines and pawn shop Altec ribbon mics side-by-side with his father. Now, a few years down the road, his favorite part of the recording process is that first playback in the studio, when everything is working and the band is hearing their music for the first time.

Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?
The Roland Space Echo 201. I love flipping that toggle switch and seeing and hearing things clicking, squeaking and clunking around in there. They can be temperamental, but it's part of their charm for sure.

What is one of your favorite artists and why?
William Onyeabor- a man of mystery, he was writing, playing, recording, and pressing his own music in Nigeria. He was using synths and making sounds that the country had never seen at that time.

What else are you interested in, besides music?
Spending time with my beautiful wife and little kiddo, drawing ... and everything else is music.

What is an accomplishment in the recording industry that you're most proud of?
Being the only engineer in the small town I'm from, I was able to help a lot of people get into recording and production that are still into it today. Working at VK, it feels good (and is humbling) to help bands, artists, and engineers that directly influence me find the right gear.


  • I just wanted to let you know about my recent purchases from VK. Scotty and Nicole treated me like a Multi-Grammy-Superstar-Producer from start to finish, the shipment was perfectly packed and arrived in time for my project here in Germany. Not to mention the fantastic quality of the gear I bought... I live roughly 5 miles from Europe's biggest music store but I buy from Ferndale, more than 4000 miles away. Why? The service is better, a lot friendlier and faster! And that means a lot when you worked very hard for the money you are spending...

    I look forward to buying from you guys again!

    Lars Gerland

  • Thank you, Scotty. You have pretty much cemented the opinion I was forming, which is that if budget allows the Cali76 is the way to go, but that neither is a "wrong" choice.

    This is why I appreciate Vintage King so much - I feel as though I'm getting advice from experience, not just sales representation like other sources. I'm totally thrilled with the Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy pedal I bought from you, and will be a customer for a long long time.


  • You are obviously the right man for this job, Scotty. You are, not only making this project real in my mind, but I'm having fun working with you on it.

    Thank you for your depth of knowledge and great customer care.