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Jacob Schneider

Jacob Schneider

Senior Audio Consultant

Detroit, MI

Call/Text: 248.556.4611

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With a formal education in recording technology, Jacob Schneider honed his production skills in the local Detroit music scene. As co-owner of the since-closed Roshambo Studios in Hazel Park, MI, Schneider recorded and produced countless independent artists.

As a part of the sales team, Jacob easily anticipates the needs of an independent studio owner. In working with other Vintage King employees both on and off the clock, he is an ultimate example of our company’s tight-knit community of co-workers, all of whom treat the client exactly the way they, as musicians and engineers themselves, would want to be treated.

Since he first began working with Vintage King in September of 2006, Jacob has done it all from contract jobs to working in our warehouse and beyond. Starting as our Shipping Manager, he worked through most of Vintage King’s operations before settling into his role as Sales Assistant. Eventually, Jacob moved into the Sales Department full-time in 2014 and has been at it ever since.

Jacob has now worked with clients in all corners of the globe and, thanks to his experience with nearly every facet of Vintage King, has been unofficially dubbed the “do everything man” by our Sales Department. He knows how to make it happen and is a whiz at solving studio problems.

Q & A

What is your favorite piece of gear?
Probably the Chandler Zener (TG1), it makes drums sound like a record. It just pulls this live drum sound out of the room.

What piece of gear do you think changed history?
Would have to say the Neve 1073. Still one of the most desired sounds. It’s warm, thick, works with everything and then makes it all fit together.

What is your most memorable Vintage King sale?
I’m not sure if I could name one – I just enjoy talking to people about gear and different recording techniques. It’s enjoyable being able to learn from some people and then teach others. The gear is just the tool in the middle.


  • Thanks Josh and Jacob! The Focals are exactly what I needed. They are neutral, yet allow recordings to express the size and body of the sound. Very nice speakers. I'll recommend you to everyone who asks me about them & anyone I think needs your services. Doing business with you has been a great experience!

    Russell B. Menkes

  • I just wanted to send you this email to say that I'm so pleased dealing with Vintage King because of YOU. You always make my purchasing decisions so easy to make. It feels like I've got a friend at VK that's knowledgeable and truly interested in my success. Vintage King is truly lucky to have an awesome front line guy such as you working for them.

    Thanks again and I'm not done shopping with you or VK yet... Now if you would excuse me, I must get back to the VK>Latest Arrivals page... :-)

    Walter R.

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