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Frank Verschuuren

Frank Verschuuren


Los Angeles, CA

213.984.4000 x212

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Multi-talented audio consultant, product specialist, and solutions engineer Frank Verschuuren has been working with the Vintage King Los Angeles team as Technical Services Specialist since September 2017.

A native of Holland, Verschuuren worked in his homeland for more than a decade as a much sought after recording studio engineer/producer and live sound engineer before coming to America in 2000. Verschuuren started out in the US as staff recording engineer at Castle Oaks studios in Calabasas, CA, where he engineered numerous project/album recordings, both as a first and second engineer, followed by his work as a studio technician at Village Recorders.

Verschuuren’s responsibilities at Vintage King Audio include a wide range of technical services like patchbay configuration and installation, mic line/input panel design and installation of custom studio solutions in both audio and post. His talents extend to Pro Tools system and DAW installation/configuration, as well as on-site acoustical analysis and Dolby Atmos installation and design.

Frank's ultimate goal is to increase studio productivity while devising ergonomic and attractive installations. In the past few years, Frank has completed some large-scale projects for Vintage King Audio, including an update of five studios at Universal NBC to Avid S6s and ProTools HDX/Media Composer systems running on Macs. In addition, he’s provided on-site updates and support for Teddy Geiger, Mike Post, Harvey Mason, FOX Studios, Ben Wallfisch and Hit Doctors among others."

Q & A

What's your favorite part of the technical side of designing/building out studios and why is it your favorite?
I'd say when a build all falls together and everything is working as it should and more. It's extremely satisfying to me to see the working end result and usually makes me want to add more options and routings to give clients options that they never thought of.

What are some of your favorite albums?
I'm old, so I don't really have any modern stuff that I listen to. Some of my favorite records I listen to are Beethousand by Guided by Voices, The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society, Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden, Slint's Spiderland, Neil Young and Crazy Horse's Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, and Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

What piece of studio equipment do you think has changed the way people work in the modern studio the most?
The computer. It has changed the way people make music, record music, and experience music.