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David Chessey

David Chessey

Assistant Sales Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Call/Text: 213.674.6240

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Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, David Chessey first became interested in music by learning to play the trumpet. Later, he learned to play drums, began performing in punk bands, and eventually learned the art of recording as a means of perfecting his drum sound. Recording himself and accruing gear in the process, David eventually went on to studio audio production at the University of Cincinnati, where his Bachelor’s Degree allowed him to expand his audio engineering expertise. After moving to Los Angeles in 2015, David is a self-professed fan of both the Dodgers as well as the Bengals. Fitting right into the California ethos, David spends a lot of time at the beaches, camping, and hiking when not delving into the world of pro audio.

Citing the Neve 1073 as a favorite gear piece, David finds inspiration in pairing the right gear choices with recording scenarios to achieve a bold, impactful sound. “Understanding what story a piece of music wants to tell comes first. References, moods and themes can help determine the choice of gear and direct the performance—when the tools you have can inspire you to create, the creative process is free to flow.” Finding a strong sense of community amongst others in the music-making world, David is passionate about the environment of recording and those who use it to create art.

Q & A

What record do you point to as an example of perfect music production? Why?
Steely Dan’s Aja is an example of perfect music production. The amount of complex instrumentation captured and mixed in a way where the audience can clearly hear and feel the detail of every musician’s contribution is legendary. The result is a culmination of teamwork, musical prowess and meticulous engineering.

What is an accomplishment in the recording industry that you're most proud of?
Recording and performing drums at Sunset Sound was an important experience for me. The history and amount of amazing albums that have been created there have created an atmosphere. In addition, the great sound of the rooms and the gear selection made the experience truly memorable!