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Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition Small Format Analog Recording Console

Small format analog recording console featuring twin inputs on each channel, 40 faders, 48 inputs at mix, 16 Audient Class A mic preamps, 16 channels of EQ, 16 record buses, 6 auxes, 2 cue sends, stereo bus compressor, comprehensive monitor section, and integrated power supply unit

MFR# ASP4816-Heritage Edition

Product Description

The Audient ASP4816 Heritage Edition Small Format Analog Recording Console offers everything the Standard Edition has but with a few more tricks up its sleeve in the form of Vintage Mix Bus Processing, John Hardy Op Amps on the mix bus output, powerful new additions to the mix bus compressor and so much more. The Heritage Edition is an in-line, fully analog recording and mixing console providing everything you’d expect from a large format recording console but in a space-friendly footprint. Designed from the ground up by David Dearden and featuring his legendary analog circuitry, the ASP4816-HE is the perfect centerpiece for production studios.


Designed to deliver ultra-low noise and low distortion with a touch of classic analog warmth, ASP4816-HE’s 16 discrete hybrid Class A preamps are ready to handle any microphone, instrument or source you can throw at it. With a flexible topology offering up to 60 dB of gain and an incredibly wide bandwidth ensuring your transient detail is accurately preserved in stunning resolution, the Audient preamp gives you a versatile and flexible solution ready for any session.


Often likened to classic analog boards from the 80s, the Audient mix bus compressor does far more than just control levels, it adds weight, depth and warmth to your mix as well as helping to glue your production together for a more polished result. Featuring adjustable ratio control, auto-release settings, a VU gain reduction meter for better visual feedback and the much coveted sidechained high pass filter Bass Expand – designed to let you tighten up your mixes and add punch without compromising your low end.


Add color and shape your mixes with the Vintage Mix Bus Processor. A discrete transformer drive produces a weighty, harmonically exciting and ever-so-slightly gritty sound, letting you add character to your mixes. Whilst a Low Bump and High Lift EQ let you shape the response of the console to the style of music you are working on.

The mix bus summing amplifiers have been significantly upgraded to the renowned American John Hardy 990 discrete transistor amplifiers, the “American Muscle Car” of opamp design. Offering increased dynamics, sweet spot and punch, as well as reducing the noise of the console – ensuring your mix bus benefits from total clarity with a little bit of character.


The massively flexible Dearden designed EQ offers two fully parametric bands that span from 40 Hz to 20 kHz, are adjustable from -15 dB to +15 dB and offer an adjustable Q control. These are flanked by low and high shelving EQ bands with the ability to engage the ‘Air’ button for that often needed finishing sheen.

The EQ can also be split across both the short and long faders, meaning you can EQ both your mic inputs and DAW returns at the same time, making it incredibly easy to start building your mix from the moment you start recording.


The ASP4816-HE features an astounding amount of connectivity for such a compact frame size. With 48 channels, over 40 insert points, 8 sends and 8 groups available on mixdown the ASP4816-HE will handle the most comprehensive of mixing and tracking tasks.

  • 8 Groups with balanced insert points
  • 16 Mic/Line inputs with balanced insert points
  • 4 Stereo FX returns with Bus/Group routing
  • 16 DAW/Tape return inputs with balanced insert points


And with so many sends, buses and inserts available, when partnered with a suitable patchbay the ASP4816-HE offers an incredible number of routing options for creative bouncing, summing and parallel processing all with none of the problematic phase and latency issues that digital systems can have.


The ASP4816-HE makes signal flow a breeze with flexible routing, one knob per function, no menus or hidden features and no need to worry about latency – making working on the console fast, intuitive and most importantly, fun!

The console’s in-line architecture will let you start building your mix as you’re tracking. By using the long and short faders you can create separate record and monitor paths on one channel strip, all while being able access the consoles splittable EQ and aux sends, ideal for getting it right from the start.


A fully featured monitor control section offers full artist communication, foot-switch enabled talkback control, solo in front, powerful source selection and loud speaker control with a short passive signal path for incredibly clear and accurate monitoring. The Heritage Edition also benefits from a monitoring grade headphone output solely for the engineer.

  • 4x Stereo Monitor Outputs
  • 1x Headphone Output
  • Main Mix + 3x Stereo Sources
  • 2x Foldback Outputs
  • Mono Summing
  • Talkback Functionality


At around 1m x 1m, the ASP4816-HE utilises clever circuit board design to provide you with the versatility and sound of a large format recording console but in a beautiful, space-conscious package. Making it the ideal analog console solution for even the smallest of studios.


Plugging directly into the mains without the need for a noisy external power source makes the ASP4816-HE one of the most efficient and quiet small format recording consoles on the market.


Redesigned from the ground up to not only look amazing at the core of your studio, but to make navigating around the console easier than ever. With a new colorway, all-new cool-white metering, easy to read labelling and a UK handmade wooden armrest, the ASP4816-HE not only looks premium but feels it too.


  • 16 Audient mic preamps
  • 40 faders
  • 48 inputs at mix
  • 16 record buses
  • 42 inputs
  • 8 subgroups
  • 6 auxes, 2 cue sends
  • In-line architecture with twin inputs on each channel
  • 4 stereo monitor outputs
  • Advanced monitor vontrol
  • 4-band splittable EQ
  • Stereo VCA mix bus compressor
  • Vintage mix bus processing
  • Gain reduction VU meter
  • Footswitch for talkback control
  • John Hardy 990 Opamps
  • Bus compression bass expand
  • Monitoring-grade headphone output

Product Specifications

Condition New
Width 42.9 in
Height 13.2 in
Depth 39.2 in
Analog or Digital Analog
Number of Inputs 48
Number of Buses 16
Number of Aux Sends 6

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