AKG D224E Two-Way Dynamic Microphone #37551 (Vintage)

– No Longer Available
Dynamic cardioid microphone
AKG D224E Two-Way Dynamic Microphone #37551 (Vintage) 1
AKG D224E Two-Way Dynamic Microphone #37551 (Vintage) 1 AKG D224E Two-Way Dynamic Microphone #37551 (Vintage) 2 AKG D224E Two-Way Dynamic Microphone #37551 (Vintage) 3 AKG D224E Two-Way Dynamic Microphone #37551 (Vintage) 4
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The AKG D-224E is a classic pencil dynamic microphone, with the frequency response of a condenser. Great for tom-toms when trying to give them some detail and filling out the kit - adding some presence without adding too much boomy low end. They also excel on snare drum. The unique "two-way" design uses two separate transducers for the low and high frequencies, tailoring each one to best suit the spectrum it is meant to operate in. One benefit of this approach is to eliminate the proximity effect.

From the original brochure:

"The AKG D-224 represents the studio version of a cardioid dynamic microphone incorporating the two-way system principle. Its noteworthy feature is an exceptionally wide and smooth frequency response, normally expected only from condenser microphones.

Since the off-axis response is parallel to the on-axis response, the microphone will have no frequency discriminating characteristics when sound is introduced off-axis. The front-to-back discrimination is maintained even in the critical low frequency area and the upper mid-range region. The high frequency system is provided with a compensating winding to eliminate the effects of magnetic stray fields. The low frequency response may be attenuated by an electrical, two position (-7 and -12 db at 50 Hz) bass roll-off switch. The D-224E is a low impedance (200 ohm) unit and is equipped with a standard XLR type connector."

Additional Information

Condition Used / Vintage
Transducer Type Dynamic
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