WMDevices Sequential Switch Matrix EXP

Expanded functionality of the Sequential Switch Matrix
MFR# Sequential Switch Mtx EXP
WMDevices Sequential Switch Matrix EXP
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The WMDevices Sequential Switch Matrix Expand 8 HP module provides extended functionality of the Sequential Switch Matrix.


  • Gate/Trig: Gate (Green LED lit) provides 10 V outputs for each routing button. It mirrors the routing shown by the SSM LEDs. Trig mode (Red LED lit) will output a trigger when a step (CV, Step/Gate or Reset) is taken. Pushing a routing button will not change the output thus providing synchronized triggers.
  • Trigger Length: CV and knob provide adjustable trigger length.
  • Retrig on Step: When on, gates and triggers will retrigger quickly when a step is taken.
  • Invert Behavior: When on, routings that are OFF will produce ON triggers or Gates.
  • DAC3/4: Two 4 bit DAC outputs that output a weighted 4 bit voltage between 0 and 5 volts. From routing columns 3 and 4.
  • Step: Outputs a trigger for each step, reset or CV change that is made to the SSM.
  • Installation: Connect the 20 pin ribbon cable to the GTExp header on the SSM, and the ToSSM connector on the Expand. Red Stripe Down.
  • Specs: 8 HP. 25 mm Depth. 10 V Gate Outputs. Current consumption is +40 mA, -3 mA. 12 month warranty.


  • Width: SSM 16 HP. Expand 8 HP.
  • Current consumption: SSM +80 mA/-32 mA. Expand +40 ma/-3 mA.
  • Voltage Levels: Input range +-10 V. Output range +-10V. Step/Gate and Reset sense signals at 0.8 V.
  • Operating Frequency: Maximum transition frequency is 26kHz. Pushing buttons at high
  • clock speeds will slow the response as the buttons are debounced.
  • Compare Input: ±10 V. Normaled to 0.5 V.
  • Depth: SSM & Expand - 25 mm with connectors
  • Compliance: The SSM and Expand are RoHS and CE compliant.


  • Gate/Trigger Outputs of Each Route
  • Gates Mirror Routing LEDs
  • Triggers Occur on Steps
  • Step Output For CV and Step/Reset
  • Retrigger Gates on Step Optional
  • Gate/Trig Behavior Invertable
  • CV and Knob for Trigger Length
  • Four Bit DAC Outputs for Outs 3/4
  • Skiffable PCB Design
  • 8 HP
  • +40 mA/-3 mA Current Consumption

Additional Information

Condition New
Maximum Depth 25 mm
Chassis module
Module Slot Count 8hp
Connector Type 3.5mm
Power Consumption +40 mA/-3 mA

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