Vanguard VSSM Small Shock Mount

Small shockmount with aerospace-grade suspension rings
Vanguard VSSM Small Shock Mount
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The Vanguard VSSM Small Shockmount is a heavy-duty, professional-grade shock mount designed to give your mics long-lasting, high-grade support.


While Vanguard's chief engineer was the first to popularize the “tube” style shock mount for pencil condensers, Vanguard felt they could build a better version and really give you the best possible isolation mount for your microphones.

First, the inner diameter was widened to 37.5 mm, which will safely support microphones with up to a 30 mm diameter. This means all of your pencil condensers, as well as several popular ribbon microphones and medium-diaphragm condensers, will be safely and comfortably supported by the VSSM.

Vanguard then added a 240º window to the VSSM body. This allows you to easily access a pad, rolloff, or pattern switch on the microphone without affecting placement.

There are none of those flimsy elastic bands that come standard with most shock mounts. They get stretched out and saggy, and sometimes snap without warning – not something you want to happen when your mic is in there! Instead, the VSSM features aerospace-grade rubberized suspension rings that won’t break, sag, crack, or stretch over time. VSSM features a precise durometer for the suspension rings that will firmly support even the heaviest microphones, while still maintaining superb decoupling properties to prevent unwanted rumble and vibration.

The bands can be crossed either horizontally/vertically or diagonally to provide a more secure grip to differently-sized microphones.


Heavy-duty zinc alloy is used for the VSSM body and knob. There’s no brazes or welds that can weaken over time. Instead, each component is precision-cast.

The pivot is made out of impact-resistant ABS thermoplastic polymer to provide superior friction. This will keep the microphone from slowly sliding out of position.

The threaded part of the knob, as well as the dual-threading (American 5/8″-24tpi and European 3/8″-16tpi) in the pivot, are machined from brass.

The VSSM is finished with a durable heat-cured powdercoat, colored matte black.


The VSSM comes as a standard accessory for the Vanguard V1 Multi-Capsule Pencil Condenser Kit. However, it is a superior shock mount for a wide variety of condenser, ribbon, shotgun, and dynamic microphones from several brands, with a diameter of up 30 mm. Consult the list below to see compatible microphone models:

  • Advanced Audio – CM1084
  • AKG – C451, C460, C391B, P170
  • AMT – AMT404
  • Audio-Technica – AT2021, AT4041, AT4021, AT4022, AT4051, AT4053B, AT8015, AT8035, AT875R, AT897, ATM450, Pro 37,
  • Audix – f9, f15, ADX51, TM1
  • Avantone – CK-1
  • Behringer – B-5, C-2, C-4, ECM8000
  • Beyerdynamic – TG I53, MCE 72,
  • Blue – Hummingbird,
  • CAD – C9, GXL1200BP, ICM417
  • DPA – 4011A, 4006A, 4091
  • Earthworks – DP30-C, P30C-B, P30C-W, SR20/25/30/30HC/40/40HC, TC20/25/30QTC30/40/50
  • Electro-Voice – PL37
  • GoldenAge – FC4
  • Lauten – LA120
  • Miktek – C5
  • Mojave – MA100, MA101
  • MXL – 991, 993, 603S
  • Nady∫ – CM88
  • Neumann – KM84/85/86, KM183/184/185,
  • Oktava – MK012, MC012,
  • Peluso – P84, CEMC 6
  • Røde – NT4, NT5, NT55, M5, NTG1/2/3
  • Royer – R-121, R-121 LIVE, R-122 MKII, R-122 MKII LIVE, R-122V, SF12
  • Samson – CO2
  • Schoeps – CMC641, Collette, CMC6
  • sE Electronics – sE5, RN17
  • Sennheiser – e614, e914, MKH 40, MKH 50, MKH 800, MKH 8040 (w/ XLR Module only)
  • Shure – Beta 181, SM81, SM94, SM137, KSM37
  • Sterling – S30,
  • Studio Projects – C4
  • Telefunken USA – M60/61/62, ELA M 260

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