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Wunder Audio CM7 #1027 (Used)

Two-pattern large diaphragm tube condenser mic

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Product Description

What makes Wunder CM7 sound so good?
The original M7 capsule "the Berlin M7" is actually very different from the Gefell M7, which is machined differently, especially at the isolator rims. The Berlin M7 was only used in U47, M49 mics, and the CMV3a, the so-called "Hitler Bottle" mic.

Wunder purchased 150 U47's over a six-year period as a vintage mic dealer, and held back 8 or 9 of the best sounding examples. Being very familiar with the changes over the years, they noticed that the M7 capsule was better than the K47 capsule.

The M7 capsule is a piece of art in itself. It is the only 1" large diaphragm capsule ever made with a diaphragm that is glued on with precise tension, similar to the way a snare head is stretched on a rim. The contact point is where the diaphragm is only touching a very thin rim. This rim is precision milled into a flat piece of brass, which contains 90 holes per side, located with exact precision, and then super polished "lapped" for smoothness.

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