Trident A-Range 500 EQ

4-band 500 series EQ module based on the Trident A-Range consoles
MFR# A-Range 500EQ
Trident A-Range 500 EQ
Trident A-Range 500 EQ Trident A-Range 500 EQ Trident A-Range 500 EQ video video
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The Trident A-Range 500 EQ is a faithful recreation of one of the most beloved equalizers of all time. It’s simple controls and smooth sound can add power to the low end and open up the higher frequencies on any source you run through it. Now this beloved EQ is available in the convenient 500 series format.

Choose between four selectable frequencies per channel, then use the fader to boost of cut up to 15dB. Having a fader rather than a stepped potetiameter is what sets the A-Range apart from any other EQ in its class, it has the precision and feel that we’re used to when fine tuning a mix on a large format console.

The mid frequency EQ sections are “peaking”, while the high and low frequency sections are “shelving”. A distinguishing feature of both the original A-Range® console and this module, is the use of faders for level adjustment, rather than rotary potentiometers. These faders feature a useful center detent at mid travel to denote zero boost or cut of the selected frequency. The use of faders makes it very easy to see not only how much equalization is being applied. Each band is rotary-switch-selectable to one of four frequencies, while individual push buttons engage the three high pass and three low pass filters. An LED peak level indicator is included to warn when levels get too high. The Line level input and output are balanced for maximum signal integrity & high output levels with minimum distortion.

A shelving equalizer boosts or cuts all frequencies equally, above or below a certain frequency, usually the point where it effectively reaches its “shelf” state. A “high shelf” EQ boosts or cuts high frequencies and a “low shelf” type boosts or cuts low frequencies. This type of circuit is very popular in hi-fi systems but is also actually highly musical when applied in a recording environment. In contrast, a peaking equalizer is one that, as its name implies, has a centre frequency that is boosted or attenuated more than others. The frequency range over which it reaches its peak and then falls down is known as the bandwidth (or “Q”). Because this type of design reaches a peak and then falls away, it is possible with this type of circuit to “home in” on particular frequencies and make adjustments without affecting those around them. This can be particularly useful when working with instruments such as bass guitars and snare drums. By incorporating both shelving and peaking equalizers into the design of the versatile A-Range, it is possible to get the best of both types of design.


  • Input impedance: 10 kohm balanced
  • Common mode rejection: 70 dB
  • Equivalent input noise: -85 dBu (unweighted, no boost or cut)
  • Distortion: 0.05% (+4 dBu output, 1 kHz)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-1 dB)
  • Boost / Cut range: ±15 dB (variable)
  • Filter Q value: 1.3 (1 octave)
  • Maximum input level: +22 dBu
  • Max output before clip: +28 dBu (10 k load)
  • Nominal output level: +4 dBu (electronically balanced)
  • Output impedance: 100 ohms
  • Output noise floor: -85 dBu (typical, unweighted)
  • Peak LED threshold: +16 dBu
  • I/O connections XLR: pin 2 +, pin 3 -, pin 1 ground
  • Current requirement: 130 mA (maximum) per rail

Additional Information

Condition New
Chassis Module
Module Type 500 Series
Module Slot Count 2 Slots
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