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Tonelux TX5C 500 Series Compressor

Extremely flexible 500 Series discrete compressor with blendable compression styles and "Tilt" sidechain

Product Description

Across the board, Tonelux manages to merge excellent sound with smart features you don't see on other units. The extraordinarily versatile, stereo-linkable TX5C 500 Series compressor is the perfect example. In addition to offering both feed back and feed forward compression, the TX5C actually lets you blend the two, giving you the freedom of combining smoothness with aggression for the perfect hybrid. The Tonelux TX5C also uniquely offers in-module parallel compression with a wet/dry mix knob. And to top it all off, Tonelux's "Tilt" circuit is onboard, giving you unique control over the sidechain to avoid pumping and get more of what you really want with the TX5C.

  • Blendable feed back and feed forward compression add versatility
  • Wet/dry mix knob for the perfect blend
  • Integrated "Tilt" circuit on the sidechain improves results
  • Flexible ratio goes above and beyond the norm

Blendable feed back and feed forward compression add versatility
When you want versatile compression, Tonelux added enough features into the TX5C to make it a no brainer for any 500 Series rack. For starters, it offers both feed back and feed forward compression, so you get the best of old-school smoothness and modern compression, making the TX5C effectively two compressors in one. Beyond that, however, the TX5C features a unique tone control, letting you fade between the two compression types and get the best attributes of each, giving you the most control over your sound.

Wet/dry mix knob for the perfect blend
The TX5C lets you skip a step, foregoing in-the-box dry/wet blending on two channels and letting you get just the right amount of each via in-module parallel mixing. However much you dial in, the TX5C gives you that extra something via its all discrete op-amp and all-discrete output stage with a TX-280 transformer.

Integrated "Tilt" circuit on the sidechain improves results
If you've ever used the Tonelux "Tilt" circuit on their other modules, you'll know this is a feature not to be ignored. Effectively a Baxendall boost/cut filter, the "Tilt" circuit lets you filter the sidechain and control how the compressor reacts. Because you can increase the highs and decrease the lows simultaneously, you get a musical response that virtually eliminates pumping because the RMS detector gets more uniform energy distribution versus the bass-heavy signal most compressors see.

Flexible ratio goes above and beyond the norm
Control your compression with the TX5C's ratio control, going from 1.5:1 to 20:1 and then even beyond via the "Over" feature. Using "Over," you can cause the compressor to reduce at a higher ration than the gain is going into it. For example, the compressor can compress an increase in signal of 10dB with a gain reduction of up to -8dB, so if the signal goes up 10dB, the output will go down 8dB. It's a nice trick for taking an over-compressed source, say a snare. By adjusting the attack and using the Over feature, you can effectively recover the original impact peak of the snare. Then, with the wet/dry mix control, you can blend back in the liveliness with the original "flat" snare to get a dynamic sound but with a controlled peak. Note also that the TX5C offers flexible attack and release settings, letting you switch from an extremely fast micro-second attack down to a smooth, slow, more leveling-like attack. Likewise, the release control can be adjusted from almost instant to three seconds. Auto makeup gain keeps the gain at unity, regardless of how much you're compressing.

Tonelux TX5C features:

  • Discrete 500 Series compressor
  • Blendable feed back and feed forward compression
  • Flexible ratio from 1.5:1 to 20:1 with "Over" feature
  • Adjustable attack from extremely fast to slow and smooth
  • Release from almost instant to three seconds
  • Auto makeup gain keeps gain at unity
  • In-module parallel mixing via wet/dry control
  • TX-280 transformer output stage
  • "Tilt" control on the sidechain filter
  • Stereo linkable


Product Specifications

Condition New
Tube or Solid State Solid State
Channels Single-Channel
Chassis Module
Module Type 500 Series
Module Slot Count 1 Slot
Digital I/O No

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