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Telefunken ELA-M 251 E Tube Microphone #1112 (Vintage)

Three-pattern large diaphragm tube condenser mic

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Product Description

The Telefunken ELA M 251 microphone came about when Neumann ended its contract with Telefunken to distribute its microphones. Looking for a replacement for the large-diaphragm U47 in this market, Telefunken contracted with AKG in 1958 to develop the ELA M 251 and ELA M 250 microphones, using the same elements that made the C12 microphone so desirable: a Haufe T-14/1 transformer, a 6072 tube, and a CK12 capsule. The 251 model has three polar patterns, while the 250 model has Omni and Cardioid only.

The letter 'E' was added to models marketed for 'Export', which included a socketed 6072 tube (since it was easier to obtain outside Europe). The non-'E' version of the mics used an AC701K tube, which was designed to work with the electrical standards set for the Austrian and German broadcast systems of the era.

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