SSL Duende Native Studio Bundle

MFR# 726982x2
SSL Duende Native Studio Bundle
Bundle including EQ AND Dynamics, Stereo Bus Compressor, Drumstrip, Vocalstrip, X-EQ and X-Comp plug-ins
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The SSL Duende Native Plug-in Suiteis a collection of audio processing tools which bring professionalaudio quality, sophistication and benchmark performance within reach ofall DAW users. Duende plug-ins provide the superior precision, advancedfeature set and legendary tonal characteristics of SSL console productsin affordable VST/AU/RTAS* plug-in form. They are quite simply theeasiest way to get your hands on professional tools that will help youachieve professional mixes that sound like a record.

The SSL Native Studio Bundle includes:
  • EQ & Dynamics Channel
  • Stereo Bus Compressor
  • Drumstrip
  • Vocalstrip
  • X-EQ
  • X-Comp
The foundations of the Duende Native collection are plug-in adaptationsof two SSL console classics; the EQ & Dynamics Channel plug-inprovides an EQ & Dynamics processing solution with all the power,precision, flexibility and signature tone of an SSL console channelstrip… the legendary Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in gives you the classicSSL stereo master bus compressor that brings power and punch to yourmix without compromising clarity. Drumstrip and Vocalstrip are ‘taskspecific’ plug-ins which each gather together a set of carefullyselected and lovingly crafted processing tools to get you straight tooutstanding Drum and Vocal sounds quickly and easily. X-EQ and X-Compare both mastering grade processors that deliver superb balance ofprecision and tonal character.

EQ & Dynamics Channel
The Duende Native Channel plug-in is ported from the C200 console andincludes separate high and low pass filters, a four band parametricequalizer, an independent compressor/limiter and gate/expander as wellas an output gain adjustment knob.

  • Classic SSL console channel strip features and sound
  • 4-band EQ, two shelving sections and two parametric
  • Variable low-pass and high-pass filter
  • Switchable EQ characteristics between E Series and G Series EQ
  • “Over-Easy” soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth transitions
  • Variable process order routing
  • Dynamics side-chain processing with independent side chains for compressor and expander/gate
Stereo Bus Compressor
The center section compressor from SSL’s 1980’s G Series analogueconsole is an audio production legend. It is the secret behind countlessclassic recordings. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makescomplete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive. Itbrings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity.

"Sticks your mix like audio glue." - That's how we often hear the SSLStereo Bus Compressor described, along with - "You strap it across yourmix - and it sounds like a record." We could wax lyrical about thetechnology - but hey, you already know how great this thing sounds -you've heard it on countless hit records from the last three decades.

The Duende Bus Compressor brings the dual benefits of spectacular audioperformance with a universally acclaimed compressor characteristic.Taking its sonic cues from the bus compressor found in the Solid StateLogic SL 4000 G Series console, the world's most successful studioproduction console, the plug-in delivers a sound quality that hasproduced hundreds of best selling recordings.

The secret to making an average drum recording sound incredible can beelusive. It takes the right combination of processors, with the perfectsonic character, in the correct configuration and tweaked in the rightway. Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary and average to vibrantand exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps. Plug in, switch on andexperiment. Drumstrip handles the hard part; putting the right selectionof fantastic sounding processing tools in your hands in an instant.

With Drumstrip, DAW users can attain increased presence, clarity anddetail in their drum tracks; reduce spill in individual tracks; restorenatural brightness; achieve greater perceived loudness; shorten orlengthen the attack and sustain of percussive signals; tighten upbooming toms; make kicks and snares stand out in a mix; and parallelcompress room mics.

  • Carefully selected collection of five audio processing tools
  • Transient shaper with Transient Invert to bring the attack phase of your drums to life
  • Transient Shaper Audition enables you to isolate and monitor the effect of the Transient Shaper
  • Dedicated drum Gate with range and independent open and close threshold controls
  • High Frequency Enhancer to invigorate top end
  • Low Frequency Enhancer to improve bass frequencies
  • The classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor with additional bypassfunction to alter the legendary band-limited compression to full rangecompression
  • Adjustable processor order—because a different processing order is required for different types of drums
  • Input & Output Level metering with additional RMS meters, dynamic range indicators and threshold indicators.
Vocalstrip is an application specific plug-in that draws upon decades ofSSL professional engineering expertise to combine the right fourprocessing elements to create the simple route to professional vocalrecordings. Combining EQ and dynamics sections with essential vocalprocessors, Vocalstrip aims to bring power, character and clarity tovocal tracks from a single interface. Vocalstrip solves the challengesof producing great vocal recordings with four processing tools carefullyselected and calibrated to deliver great results every time.

  • 4 selected vocal processing tools with a unique SSL twist
  • Comparative analysis & dynamic envelope based De-esser
  • Comparative analysis & dynamic envelope based De-ploser
  • 3-band SSL EQ with High-Pass, 'asymmetric notch' and 'air' bands
  • Compander featuring compression, downwards expansion and output drive
  • Informative visual feedback showing EQ curves and real time FFT overlay
X-EQ is an open and transparent sounding parametric EQ that provides theuser with a truly comprehensive range of EQ tools within an intuitiveuser interface. X-EQ is exceptionally flexible with the ability to besurgically precise for mastering duties or to smooth and sculpt foreveryday audio production and is particularly suited to real timemanipulation for dramatic filter sweep effects.

X-EQ is at first glance a 10 band parametric EQ, but each of the 10 EQbands can be selected to provide a different type of EQ, making X-EQ avast range of different EQ processors in one package. Bands 1 and 10 areHigh and Low Filters, each of which can be set to employ one of fivedifferent Filter topologies with five very different tonal characters.Bands two and nine are shelving EQ’s with a Q range that extend right upto 10.3 and a degree of undershoot and overshoot at higher Q settingsthat give a unique tonal character. The remaining six bands are all BellEQ’s with a choice of nine different EQ types providing a comprehensiverange of response curves. All Shelving & Bell bands can operateacross a full 20Hz-20kHz frequency range with a powerful gain range of+/-20dB. All of the Bell bands can also be switched from the usualserial signal flow of a parametric EQ to the parallel signal flow of agraphic equalizer.

  • 10 band parametric EQ with individually selectable EQ type per band
  • Intuitive user interface with drag and move graphic control, onscreen knob layout, mouse wheel (& fine mouse) control and numericediting
  • Bands one & 10 are High & Low Cut Filters, each with five different selectable topographies
  • Bands two & nine are Shelving EQ’s with proportional Q values
  • Bands three to eight are Bell Filters with 20Hz-20kHz range and nine individually selectable EQ types
  • Bands three to eight can be switched between standard series and parallel signal flow for classic graphic EQ style operation
  • Real time FFT signal analysis display
  • Stereo input and output metering with peak hold, separate RMS meter and dynamic range display
  • A/B facility for instant comparison of two different EQ set ups
  • Full parameter automation via any compatible host
X-Comp is a sophisticated and extremely versatile stereo compressor thatcuts through the mass of freeware and bundled plug-ins available withgenuinely professional features, results and interface. The audioperformance, specifications, analysis tools and depth of control offeredby X-Comp are exemplary. It delivers mastering grade audio fidelitywith a distinctly analogue feel and can be used for everything from‘invisible’ subtle dynamic control for mastering, to dramatic ‘brickwall’ effects that inject raw energy and power that competes with thelegendary SSL Listen Mic Compressor. Between these two extremes X-Compcan reproduce the characteristics of a wide range of modern and classicvintage compressors. In X-Comp we haven’t just modeled a particularcompressor, but have provided a set of features and controls that allowthe emulation of a broad range of compressor designs.

  • Exceptional versatility; from mastering grade transparent compressor to incredible brick wall gain reduction
  • Advanced graphic knee control with 0 to 40dB range and proportional response characteristic
  • Dual symmetrical knee design allows detailed shaping of the compression characteristic
  • Max Gain Reduction control sets the maximum reduction between 20 and 60dB
  • Advanced side chain architecture using 1st order filters delivers user-friendly Frequency Dependant Parallel Compression
  • Amplitude Histogram display provides advanced real time pre/post signal analysis
  • Intuitive user interface with drag and move graphic, mouse wheel and numeric editing
  • Stereo input and output metering with peak hold, separate RMS meter and dynamic range display
  • A/B facility for instant comparison of two different Compression set ups
  • MIDI control capability for all parameters
  • Global soft latency free bypass
Technical Specifications

Additional Information

Condition New
Software Delivery Retail Box
iLok Required No
Plug-in Type EQ, Dynamics, Reverb / Delay
Plug-In Format RTAS, AU, VST
Operating System Mac, Windows

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