Sennheiser MKH 8020 Stereo Set

Compact omnidirectional ideal for stereo and surround recordings, as an M microphone and for ambience - stereo pair
MFR# 506288
Sennheiser MKH 8020 Stereo Set


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The omni-directional Sennheiser MKH 8020 is ideal for recordinglarge and small sound sources, for a ‘Decca Tree’ or foruse in an OSS ‘Jecklin Disk’ array. As it does not sufferfrom a proximity effect, it is also a good choice for closemiking.If the acoustic ambience is right, this microphonewill provide very impressive recordings. The extra octaveat the bottom end makes the MKH 8020 perfect forrecording pipe organs, grand piano and acoustic doublebass..

The MKH 8000 series has been designed to capture the soul ofsound, reproducing the music with an unprecedented warmth andtransparency. Without taking away from the unique clarity thatMKH symmetrical microphones are famous for, the 8000 series has anatural subtle warmth that has to be heard to be appreciated. Voiceswill sound rich and detailed; piano, strings and wind instruments willhave that special ‘character’, while percussive instruments benefitfrom a fast attack and a dynamic, powerful reproduction.

Extremely compact and elegant, the MKH 8000 seriesmicrophones have a diameter of just 19 mm and a length of only 74 mm. Yet,they can become even more unobtrusive. The microphones can be split into theactual microphone head, which contains all acoustic and electronic components,and the XLR module. The small microphone head (only 41 mm long) is attachedto one of Sennheiser’s special capsule remote accessories, while the XLR connectormodule is attached outside the camera angle, making the MKHs virtuallyinvisible on stage.

The MKH capsules incorporate asymmetrical design with the diaphragm located between the normal back plateand an additional, identical front plate. This design provides both acoustical andelectrical symmetry and is the most powerful way to eliminate transducer nonlinearityand accompanied harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Their uniquesymmetrical construction enables the MKH microphones to pick up subtleties inthe music lost to other microphones—for instance, the subtle harmonics in anunaccompanied choir, the complex sound patterns of a 12-string guitar andmuch more.

While the inherentnoise in conventional microphones tends to mask quieter sounds and thuslimits the dynamic range, the MKH microphones employ the unique principle ofthe radio-frequency condenser microphone, resulting in an outstandingly lowself-noise. The special capsule design reflects the frequency-dependent responseof the human hearing, and provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio in thefrequency range where the human ear is most sensitive to noise. This resultsin small-diaphragm MKH microphones being quieter even than most large diaphragmcondenser microphones.

The acousticproperties of the MKH capsule design enable the high-frequency response tobe extended beyond the limits of the standard audio CD format, enabling thesemicrophones to fully utilize the potential of digital recording formats with highersampling rates.

All directional patterns havebeen carefully designed for minimal deviation from the ideal patterns over theentire frequency range. The unique technical design characteristics of the MKHsymmetrical microphone series means that the designer no longer has to makecompromises between frequency response, polar pattern and low noise—nowhe can have it all: wide frequency response, ultra low noise and a polar responseclose to the theoretical ideal.

All MKH 8000 Series microphones and accessoriesare coated with black Nextel®, ensuring that there will be no disturbing reflectionseven in the brightest of film and television lights.


Additional Information

Condition New
Length 1.6 in
Diameter 0.75 in
Unit Weight 0.05 lb
Transducer Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Omni-Directional
Number of Microphones Stereo Pair
Impedance 25 Ohms
Frequency Range 10 Hz - 60 kHz
Sensitivity –30 dBV/Pa (31 mV/Pa)
Max. SPL 138 dB

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