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  1. Focal Sub6 - Single, Red

    Active subwoofer with large volume cabinet design, equipped with an 11" woofer and a rear laminar port
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Integration of the right subwoofer can be key to achieving an accurate representation of your mix. High end studio monitors often cover most of the low frequencies, but sometimes can leave you high and dry on the lowest subsonic frequencies. Since low frequencies aren’t directional, it’s often hard to determine how the drivers are actually translating the low end of the mix. With many subwoofer options available, it’s easier than ever to pair a sub with your current mixing system. Turn your decent monitoring system into an incredible listening experience by upgrading your subwoofer.

Not every sub is good on every system. Sometimes adding too much low end can turn your room into a less ideal mixing environment. Vintage King offers a wide variety of subwoofers by today’s top manufacturers, from low watt, compact options, which could be better used in a small or untreated room, to giant 1000 watt powerhouses that will make your hair stand up. It is ideal to match the subwoofer wattage to the wattage of your current speakers, which can be found in the speakers user manual, or online.

Adding a small subwoofer to studio monitors such as Yamaha NS10s, or Acoustic Energy AE1s, can give you the definition and punch in the high-end and midrange we all love from those models, but expand the low-end to be able to judge the sub-frequencies of a mix. Try looking into series such as Adam Audio Sub10 MK2, Neumann KH805, JBL LSR310S, or Genelec 7050B.

Input and output types vary from different manufacturers, so make sure to double check the connection when adding a subwoofer to your system. Common connections are XLR, and ¼”, but can also be RCA or AES/EBU.