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Switching between different speakers while doing a mix is the best way to know how it will translate to other environments when it leaves your studio. This has been done on large format consoles for decades, but has always been a tedious task in the consumer world. Now with so many quality options available, it is easier than ever to incorporate a Monitor Management system into you mixing rig.

A quality monitor management system from brands like Dangerous Audio, or Mackie, make switching between different sets of speakers as easy as the press of a button, or turn of a dial. They also have the option to turn off and on the subwoofer connected to your system, so if you’re using speakers such as NS10s, or AE1s, you can mainly work on the speaker's natural settings, but kick in the sub when dialing in low-frequencies.

A monitor management system not only allows you to switch between different sets of monitors, but also allows you to route monitor sends, and incorporate a talkback system. On most units, you can monitor your cue sends through your mains, to really dial in your artist's headphone mix.

Vintage King offers both digital and analog monitor management systems. So whether you are working in the box, a hybrid mixing rig, or full analog, we have what you need for ultimate flexibility.