Pairing the right microphone to the right preamplifier is key to achieving the best possible results in the recording studio. Preamps are what add that special magic when recording, for many years, engineers were limited to the preamps built directly into their large format console. Nowadays, there are so many outboard options available, you can get a variety of classic analog sounds, or modern aggressive sounding preamps to fit any style of music you may be working on.

Recording preamps come in all shapes and sizes, Vintage King offers everything from single channel preamps, to 32 channel preamps and more. Ranging from the standard rack-mountable design, desktop style, and 500 series modules. For home studio or production use, a single channel preamp or dual channel preamp might be the way to go. For a larger studio setup, you can look into the eight channel and beyond type setups. Get with your Vintage King sales engineer to find what is right for your studio setup.

When recording a vocal, you might want to go with a tube preamp such as the Universal Audio 6176, or Manley VoxBox. Tube preamps tend to be much softer sounding when in the sweet spot, or you can drive them to get a pleasant sounding tube overdrive, often heard on classic rock and Motown records.

When recording drums or guitars, you may want to go with a solid state preamp like the API 512c, or Neve 1073. These style preamps are typically much clearer sounding than a tube pre, and have more focus in the midrange frequencies. Overdrive them to get an amazing saturated signal, which is great for drums, guitar, bass, and sometimes vocals. The oversaturated solid state preamp sound is how The Beatles achieved the guitar tone on “Revolution”.