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Capturing a great performance requires great microphones, and Vintage King is a one stop shop to cover everything you need on stage, in the recording studio, or post-production facility.

Dynamic microphones are the ideal choice when miking guitars, drums, other loud sound sources. Used onstage for decades, the legendary Shure SM58 is the perfect live vocal microphone while the Shure SM57 is a great microphone for guitar or drums, live or in the studio.

Get more clarity with the use of a condenser microphone. Available in a variety of formats, large diaphragm condensers such as the Neumann U47 are great for capturing a warm, up front vocal, or capturing the lowest frequencies of a kick drum. Use the handheld Neumann KMS105 small diaphragm condenser microphone as a live vocal mic, with a hypercardioid polar pattern for added off axis rejection, easily achieve the most pristine vocal possible.

Microphone cable getting in your way? Vintage King offers a variety of wireless microphones systems. Use the Sennheiser EW112G3 lavalier wireless system for on-site recording, or recording interviews, and eliminate unwanted background noise. For more room on stage, use the classic Shure GLXD24/Beta 58 handheld condenser wireless system as a live performance microphone. Wireless headset microphone systems, such as the Sennheiser XSW 1 ME3, are a great way to free up your hands while singing and dancing, playing drums, or giving a demonstration. Most brands offer standalone and rack mountable receivers.

Add more variety to your sound by adding other types of microphones to your microphone locker. Ribbon microphones such as the Royer Labs 121 are very popular for miking electric guitars, or other acoustic instruments. Shotgun mics such as the Sennheiser MKH60-P48 are an excellent choice for on-site recording, choir miking, use as a percussion microphone, or as voice over microphones. USB and iOS-compatible microphones are great choices for high end demo recordings, or for use of live recording to post to social media.

Make sure to pair your microphones with the proper shock mounts, wind-screens, pop filters, stereo bars, and microphones stands all available at Vintage King Audio.