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  1. Rupert Neve Designs RNHP Precision Headphone Amplifier

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It is very important to pair your mixing rig with the proper set of headphones. You want to make sure your mixes translate properly on a pair of headphones, since in today’s world it is a very common way people listen to music. They have come a long way since first produced in the 1940s, Vintage King offers a wide array of different brands and models that will fit any studios needs.

There are two main types of headphones, “circumaural” and “supra-aural”. Circumaural headphones are the most common type, and completely enclose the ear, making them great for maximum isolation. These are commonly referred to as closed back headphones, and include a hard shell cover sealing the outside of the earcups, offering maximum isolation. beyerdynamic DT770 or Sennheiser HD 280 are perfect examples of circumaural headphones. Supra-aural are often referred to as open-backed headphones. These leave the earcup exposed, and have no insulating shell. Singers and DJs sometimes prefer these over closed backs because they hear a bit more of the natural room tone without having to remove one headphone, but they will cause more bleed into the microphone while recording. Audio-Technica ATH-M2X are one of the leading supra-aural headphones.

If you are using headphones in a recording studio, you want to make sure you grab the right pair for the type of music you are working on, and also make sure the artist will be as comfortable as possible while tracking. Studio headphones have a much wider frequency range than a standard consumer brand, some even offer added comfort around the ear like the beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, or added bass drivers to really emphasize the low end on the track. Most often in a recording studio, you are going to want to use circumaural style headphones, they will offer the highest fidelity sound, as well as maximum isolation so you get less bleed into the microphone.